2 HOT TIPS to SAVE YOUR NECK when using your smartphone

How do you feel after you’ve been sitting returning emails on your phone or scrolling through social media for a while?


Do you get a stiff, sore neck? 😳


If you’re anything like most of us, you’ll start to realise your neck and shoulders are getting a bit achy, maybe tired or stiff, and you might even end up with a bit of a headache. 😨


Is that you too?


Well, I just happen to be on holidays this week with my family..

And you know what that means? 🤔


Less time with clients and on my laptop and more time on my phone, especially on social media!


We don’t get much of a break over summer because my husband works in Cricket..

so from October onwards is a crazy time of year for us. The kids and I hang out to spend some time with altogether after the season’s all wrapped up early April.


We hopped on the plane Saturday and I spent some time reading on my phone at the airport and during the flight. 🤓


Then catching up on some emails and social media after the kids were in bed that night I noticed it…


The Headache +

The strain at the base of my skull +

The ache at the base of my neck 😰


Yep, I’d been stuck sitting in strange positions, in strange places, and had forgotten my golden rules…


My TOP 2 TIPS that SAVE My NECK (and Head)


  • Raise your Device closer to eye level ☺


If you tuck your elbows into your sides and bend them up, you can easily hold your phone up much closer to eye level.


You can text quickly with both thumbs, or hold it in one hand and scroll/ text with the other- Simple!


  • Just Look Down, not lower your head down 😍


Bring the weight of your head back over your shoulders and imagine a hinge between your ears.


Now, rather than hanging your head forwards just lower your eyes to your phone, tilting your chin down if you need.



So much LESS STRAIN on your neck = LESS PAIN 😄

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