3 Tips for READING in comfort on holidays

Yay! Some of you are already on holidays and the rest of us are no doubt limping to the finish line this weekend!

Many of us are hanging out for the chance to catchup on reading that novel that was given to us last birthday, or that was recommended by a friend and we never got around to… or the new book we get for Christmas!!!

For many of us though, reading can literally be a pain in the neck!!!

So I’ve got a few tips to help you enjoy your reading, whether that’s in solace or with your kids.

Tip No 1 Gather some cushions, pillow or folded up towels around you!

If you use them to prop up your arms while you read you’ll be able to raise your book up closer to your face so you’re not looking down as much.

Tip No 2 Support your head

You really want to aim to lean back against the backrest of a highback chair (Eg recliner) or the wall. This allows you to support your head, using a pillow behind if you need, so it’s not hanging down putting strain on your neck.

Tip No 3 Move regularly

Like sitting or standing, it’s not great to be stuck in the same posture for longer than 20-30 minutes. Aim to move positions at least every half hour and take a 2 minute break every hour to keep your muscles, metabolism and blood pumping!

So this week’s challenge is all about adopting healthy postures while you read, even if that’s on a device. If you’re reading mainly on a tablet or smartphone, make sure you take a read of my post on Healthy Device Habits

And if you’re keen for some exercises to help your posture while you read, take a look at my free workstation workout- the advice and stretches in there will help you enjoy your reading time.