5 Steps to Combat Pain & Strain + Improve Posture at your Desk

Did you get a chance to download my 5 Step Formula to combat Pain & Strain + Improve posture at your desk last week?


If not, you can grab it here NOW!


It’s a short but powerful video that lets you in on the first crucial steps to setting yourself up to take strain off your body while you sit at your desk 😊


And that means less pain and better posture folks!👍


This week I wanted to let you in on the secret as to why Step #1 of my formula is so important for you…


To recap, Step #1 is to Wiggle your butt right back in your chair.


Perching on the front of your chair is probably the biggest ‘posture sin’ of all!


So often we don’t think we’ll be long at our desk and don’t take the time or effort to sit ourselves in our chair properly. Before we know it, time has flown by and we’re sitting with our ‘tail’ tucked under, slumped in a big ‘C-Curve’.


If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know how bad the ‘C-Curve’ is for you!


The thing is, setting up your spine in a good position, which in turn sets up your shoulders, neck, arms and head etc is soooo important!


And it all starts with your pelvis.


Your pelvis is like the roots of a tree…

If it’s not set firmly into your chair (the ground) your spine wavers and bends in poor positions.


When you wedge your butt right back in the seat and have the backrest of your chair adjusted correctly, your low back is supported in optimal position to take the most load off your joints, discs, ligaments and muscles.


This sets you up for posture success!


So, your challenge this week is to catch yourself perched forwards in your chair and keep wiggling your butt right back in your seat!


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Have a great week!