5 Tips to BOOST your BRAINPOWER!

It’s ‘Brain awareness week’ which is a global initiative to promote awareness of healthy habits for your brain! There are many simple things we can do to look after our brains and help reduce the risk of conditions like dementia.


This is especially important if you spend lots of time each day in front of a computer screen… or any screen for that matter.


There’s a proven connection between the amount of time we spend in front of a screen and our mental health.


Regardless of content- whether you’re looking at the screen for work, for study or in your downtime- the pixellation of the screen messes with our concentration, our ability to experience positive emotions and the release of many hormones.




So, are you ready for the GOOD NEWS???!!!


There are a few ways to counteract the negative effect of screen time on our brains…


1)One of the BEST WAYS is with MOVEMENT!

Your brain LOVES MOVEMENT to wake it up and get it working positively!


The more complex movement the better, trying to incorporate both sides of your body (meaning left and right hands/ feet/ limbs) and alternating sides is even better.


So try these few ideas

  • Fidgeting- got a fidget spinner or stress ball? Or even a pen to click back and forth? Perhaps a Rubik’s cube, or one of your own ideas?
  • Tapping your fingers or toes to a beat, your own rhythm or tune, and alternating right and left hands/feet. This is especially great to wake you up when you’re driving or sitting in long meetings!
  • Doing your workstation workout exercises J for a couple of minutes every hour -Ideally every half hour- or some of your fave stretches/ posture correction exercises
  • Get up from your desk regularly for jobs like printing, putting items in the bin, grabbing a drink of water

To get some ideas of my BEST EXERCISES (FREE) to do at your desk fill in your details below

2) Look up from your screen often.

If you can look outside a window, you get bonus points! If not, try and focus your eyes in different directions and further away than your screen to give them a break.


3) Get outside!

Nature has such a calming influence on our brains… so if you can manage a little bit of time outside each day, that’s fantastic!


4) Put away your screens

… At least ½ an hour before bed, or switch to night mode, so the sleep hormone is able to release and allow for better sleep


5) Socialise!

Being social is great for your brain! And that’s not via social media 😉

Go for a coffee with a friend, Walk to speak to a colleague rather than sending an internal email, even making a social phonecall stimulates endorphins that your brain just loves!


So I challenge you to #loveyourbrain this week by trying the above tips and boost your brainpower at home and work!

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