About Kym

Kym Siddons is a health professional fiercely committed to empowering people to maximise their wellness and performance in their work, home and study life by educating them about good ergonomics, posture and exercise.

With a combination of programs and services that help her clients achieve improved health, wellbeing and move towards being pain-free, Kym has developed her own proven system of incorporating functional movement into everyday life so her clients can achieve better performance in the workplace and at home.

As an APA Sports Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience, Kym’s professional qualifications including a Masters of Physiotherapy (Sports) Masters of Physiotherapy (Hons)  MAPA, and a certification in Occupational Health Physiotherapy amongst other specific industry training.

Kym has worked with elite athletes and sporting teams such as the Australian Women’s Cricket team and the Australian Waterpolo Team, to help them achieve their goals of World Cup wins and Olympic Medals.

Utilising her training and extensive experience she is truly able to help you create the personal outcomes you really want for yourself physically and the performance results your want for your team or organisation.

Whether you are looking to incorporate more functional movement, enhance the performance of your body and feel less stiffness and soreness…

Or to want to assist your employees in reducing their risk for ill-health and occupational overuse injuries, safely recover from injuries, or maximise their productivity…

Kym can help.

If you are after a proven professional who can apply expertise in performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation to ‘occupational athletes’ such as professional leaders and their teams, companies and their employees, teachers and their students, you have come to the right place.

A Personal Message From Kym

We live in a society where we sit longer than we sleep and are relatively unaware of how damaging being so inactive is to our health and wellbeing (Move More Sit Less Report, Blueearth Foundation  Feb 2016)

And I am on a mission to see this change.

As a physiotherapist, I am committed to spreading the message that a little movement, done the right way, and done regularly, can literally change your life!

I’ve created a range of programs to help office workers and corporations, plus students, their parents and schools recognise the impact sedentary lifestyle and lots of screen-time are have on people to empower them to take a stand against ‘Sitting Disease’.

I know first hand the effects that sitting is having on our Nation.

For many years I worked and travelled with elite athletes and am an experienced APA Sports Physiotherapist.

Each day I would assess, prevent and treat the issues that professional athletes have with primarily overuse injuries.

But when I started working in a clinic in the heart of Adelaide City I noticed that desk workers and students also suffered from overuse injuries, just of a different nature.

It wasn’t just the elite athletes that were suffering.

It was everyday people like you and me too.

And I realised the need for injury prevention and rehabilitation for the ‘occupational athletes’ that where streaming in from surrounding offices and schools in the CBD.

Seeing this was a rising problem I completed a certification in Occupational Health Physiotherapy.

This has allowed me to combine all my skills to educate and inspire these clients, with amazing results…

And I’ve been simply astounded by the impact that a little ergonomic education, simple tips for healthy work and study habits, regular postural changes and quick and easy exercises have made to reduce people’s pain, improve their posture and their health.

Now I am committed to spreading the message further to help more people, like you, and more corporations, schools, communities….

I want more people to know how ‘a little movement, done the right way and regularly, can literally change your life’!

So if you work in an office or study a lot and worry that sitting all day may be affecting your health, why not take part in my FREE ‘Workstation Workout’

You will receive emails with simple to follow and easy to implement targeted exercises that can improve your flexibility and posture muscle strength at your desk!

Simply add your details in below to get simple workstation workout you can do to improve your workplace wellness.

or enquire about a corporate wellness program today!

Email kym@kymsiddonsphysio.com.au or




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