ACE YOUR POSTURE from the Get-Go in 2018!

I don’t know about you, but with the disruption of routine over the Christmas and New Year period, it’s been very easy to fall off the bandwagon a bit at the start of the year!


With taking some holidays, even just a few days, the kids being off school, catching up more with family and friends… all make great excuses for not making my usual time for exercise, eating well, sleeping properly… AAAHHHH!!!


So with best intentions and New Year resolutions all planned out, it often feels like we need another week or two (or even three?) to get back into gear and take action-

Or is that just me?


Now, to know exactly what the most IMPORTANT THING to do well and often IS, make sure you ‘read more’ and enter your details below this blog to RECEIVE my FREE VIDEO!

So, here’s my shortcut way to diving straight back in and setting up good postural habits so you can ACE YOUR POSTURE from the get-go this year, as you sit back at your workstation!!!


What do you want to feel better about sitting at your desk this year?


Less pain? Less stiffness? More confidence in your posture? Better Metabolism to boost your energy levels and stimulate weightloss?


Use these as your motivation to correct your posture often and move more. You’ll feel better about all these things WAY more quickly.


I’d really love you to reply to this email and let me know what you’re working towards so I can support you!



Noone said it was easy to reach those goals. It takes conscious effort, but doing little things well and often makes such a difference!


So think of a reminder that works for you- post-it notes, a timer or app on your smartphone and use it to remind you to move every half hour



…on the effort you DO put in, rather than being down on yourself for not correcting your posture or moving as much as you’d like during the day. We’re all human and get distracted!


The most important thing is to KEEP TRYING as amount of time spent moving and in a better posture than you were before is better than not at all!


Keep challenging yourself to check and correct your posture, move more often and if you haven’t signed up for my FREE VIDEO letting you in on the SIMPLE, MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to know to IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE, REDUCE SORENESS & STIFFNESS at your desk then do so! Then charge on ahead towards reaching your goals!