All I want for Christmas… NO MORE KNOTS in my neck, back & shoulders!

Do you work from a laptop- at home, out and about, at school or uni?


Perhaps you even use a laptop at work?


Well, there’s obviously some great benefits to being portable while you work, a laptop can create major problems for you.


Here’s one of the biggest ones I see bothering my clients, a lot…


They get tension, knots and even pain in their neck and shoulders.


Some people even get headaches and upper back pain.


Is this normal? No!


Is it common? Yes!


Is there a solution? Luckily, Yes!


You see, the inherent problem with a laptop is the fact that the screen is connected to the keyboard.


Your keyboard needs to be at desk or table height for you to type without getting sore wrists and arms.


Your screen needs to be up at eye height so you can look straight ahead and not strain your head, neck, shoulders and upper back while you work.


The weight of your head is similar to a bowling ball…

And if it falls forward even the slightest bit while you look down, an incredible amount of strain and tension is put on the ligaments, joints and muscles of your back and neck.


Imagine the strain on your poor neck and upper back after you’ve been sitting for even 20 minutes!


Let alone hours on end while you finish off that urgent piece of work late into the night L


It’s a situation that often creates long term problems like pain, stiffness, arthritis and numerous injuries, if you don’t get ahead of the game…


Luckily I have a perfect solution for you!



There is a way to ‘separate’ your screen from your laptop.


You need to hunt around your office or house, or buy an inexpensive keyboard and separate mouse.


If you don’t have particular wrist or hand problems, any type of mouse will do.


And small, lightweight keyboards are ideal as they are more portable and allow you to keep your mouse in nice and close to your keyboard…


Your shoulders will thank you for that!


So, then it’s time to plonk your laptop up higher, so you can look straight ahead at the screen!


Well, you may have to look down a bit to type if you’re not a touch-typist, but you will be able to spend a lot more of your time looking up.


Your screen should be high enough so that your eyes are about the level of the top third of the screen.


I’ve had people stack their laptops up on books and shoe boxes- all sorts of things!


But by far my favourite solution- the exact accessory I use- is the portable laptop stand I use every day!


You can see it setup above.


Weighing just a few hundred grams it’s so lightweight, yet incredible sturdy, and folds up into such a thin package.


It even comes with a neoprene cover that couples becomes an ingenious mouse pad!


I can’t go anywhere without this laptop stand!


Combined with my small bluetooth keyboard & mouse, it all easily fits inside my laptop satchel with stacks of room to spare…


I am after all, a girl who loves to fill up her bag with all sorts of useful things 😉


And don’t worry, I’ve tried a tonne of laptopstands/ raises etc


Done even come close to this one for toughness, lightness and slimline features.


If you are a tablet user, the stand also doubles as a way of propping up your tablet while you watch your favourite show!


So, if you use a laptop more than 20 (maximum 30) minutes at a time, you must think about a solution for raising your screen and separating your keyboard and mouse.


And I’ve got a special Chrissy pressie to offer you… and your loved ones!


Til Christmas there’s free shipping (within Australia) on my favourite portable laptop/ tablet stand 🎉


Just head to my Shop page and scroll down til you see the OPC Laptop Tablet Stand.


It’s a great present for any laptop user, and particularly students who move around a lot.


And it’ll really help you and your loved ones get the knots out of their back, neck and shoulders!