An Energy Boost and Encouragement for you

Do you ever feel a little sluggish, even stiff or sore sitting at your desk?

Or maybe you get frustrated there’s not enough time in the day to exercise as much as you’d like…

I want to inspire you, your workmates and even your family with this quick exercise tip!

You see, 30mins of daily exercise is awesome (and typically recomended), but it’s difficult for so many people that they end up doing nothing at all! 😳

I see so many poor souls struggling with wearing so many hats- they might be team leader or business owner, an employee, a parent, a student, then pile on top heaps of other committments- that they wrestle with finding time to prioritise the self-care things they should.

Does that ring true for you?

Sometimes added to that people are feeling sore, unfit and unsure where to start.
They may be lacking confidence in themselves, even the energy to make a start…
Then feeling so overwhelmed they end up doing nothing 😢

If any of those things resonate with you or others you know, I want to encourage you today!
Take heart in the fact that taking just a small step forwards really does make a huge difference 😄
Then another step forward and another… and before you know it, you’re starting to turn your health, posture and productivity around!

Sprinkling little bits of strategic movement regularly into your day will have a postitive impact on your wellbeing and help you feel fabulous, rather than frustrated, while you work or study (even while you’ve checking your social media of an evening 😉).
There’s even research to back that up!

So take a small step forwards with me and move a little more today… and encourage someone alongside you to do the same 😊

Here’s a video I recorded for you, to inspire you to make the most of getting up and down through your day!

You can check it out by clicking here

I hope you can use it as a tip to prompt you to fit a little more exercise in, in a little less time!
Win Win I’d say! 🎉

I also have some other great news for you…
I’ve been putting together a fabulous new resource for you!

It’s a series of my favourite resistance band exercises to do at your desk.
Using Resistance bands is an awesome way to strengthen up the best muscles to improve your posture while you work.

Want to get your hands on them for free?