Are you a serial offender… of CROSSING YOUR LEGS? You must READ THIS!

So, it’s International Women’s Day this week… ‘Happy Women’s Day’ to all you lovely ladies out there!

And yes fellas, ‘Hi’ to you too… be sure to show your appreciation of any special gals in your life this week 🙂


In honour of International Women’s Day I wanted to share something particularly interesting for the LADIES this week… guys, you might well be interested too, but it’s the gals who are ALWAYS  asking me.


You guessed it, it’s about whether CROSSING YOUR LEGS is REALLY that bad for you, and if so, WHY?


So, I have a confession to make…

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually a SERIAL LEG CROSSER!

Well, maybe more of a recovering leg crosser.


Either way, it’s a daily battle for me, catching myself out sitting at my desk with my legs crossed, then correcting it.

BUT I’m determined to keep at breaking this BAD HABIT for a number of reasons…

  1. Crossing our legs tucks our ‘tail’ under, which puts us straight away in that nasty ‘C-Curve’ that undoes all our postural efforts in sitting


  1. It often leads to long-term hip and pelvis/ low back pain… because crossing one leg over the other imbalances our pelvis and shifts the ball of our ‘crossed’ hip forward in the socket.


This stiffens up the hip and low back joints and leads to leads to increasingly tight hip flexor, groin, buttock and low back muscles- OUCH!


  1. It’s so bad for our As if our poor veins haven’t got enough work to do, pumping all the blood back to our heart… blood that’s pooling in our legs as they hang down under our desk!


Crossing our legs limits the blood flow at the back of the knees and just adds to the pressure on our veins so, ultimately our heart. That’s especially bad news if you already have a heart or circulation problem or are prone to blood clots etc.


So, what can we do to train ourselves towards a better way, a better posture and throw off the guilt???!!!




When you get all antsy in your seat, tempted to cross your legs, try these simple tricks


  1. MOVE!!! Your body is telling you it’s not happy where it is and wants to change position. Rather than cross your legs, try
    1. Tilting your pelvis forwards and back, side to side in your chair
    2. Bend your toes and ankles up towards you and straighten your knees, alternating one at a time

Then, wiggle your butt bones back again in the chair (widen them as much as possible to wedge them into your chair) and try sitting symmetrically again for the next 20-30 minutes

  1. STRETCH your buttocks in your chair by crossing just your ankle over your opposite thigh, sticking your butt out a bit and leaning forwards with your chest up.

Hold for 15 secs or so and repeat a few times either side until you’ve got your fix of leg crossing indulged, but with purpose!




I’d love to hear how you go and if those tips help you spend less time with your legs crossed… and let me know if you have any other tricks!

Please post in the Workstation Workout Facebook Group to let me know and share any other ideas.


So here’s to a Happy Women’s Day, spent sporting fabulous sitting posture 🙂