Are you (and your team) ‘Fit to Sit’ at your desk?

Do you ever feel…?

Knots, Niggles, Tension

Tight muscles, aches or even pains

Brain fog, Nodding off, productivity waning

Sluggish from hours at a screen, slouching

Eyes glazing over, grab another coffee

Frustrated by no time to exercise, Too much on your plate

Your weight creeping up, metabolism slowing down

Do any of those phrases resonate?

Or can you see yourself heading there if things don’t change?

There’s nothing more upsetting to me, as a health professional, than seeing people in a state of distress, suffering from combinations of the above symptoms.

Especially because most of those issues can be pretty easily avoided… if you know how.

Most people have no idea that this shouldn’t be ‘your normal’ and that a few simple strategies can empower you to take control and get your health back on track.

That’s good news, right?

In over 20 years as a physiotherapist, I’ve witnessed first-hand how taking small steps can begin a journey towards healthy work habits that drastically transform lives…

… When you take on board a few posture tips, some expert ergonomic advice, some simple desk exercises, fit in a little more movement and create life-changing habits that liberate you while you work!

I’m on a mission to help millions of people lead happier, healthier lives at work, while they study and in their downtime…

So I’m going to share these strategies with you in the hope that you can be empowered to live the active, healthy life you dream of!

Make sure you pay the good vibes forward and pass on your new-found knowledge with your team, workmates, family and friends!

I’ll dive into one strategy each week over the next month or so, so strap in and get ready to kickstart your year on a good note!

Strategy No 1 Move More

Really? But I’ve got no time!

Why and how much?

Yes, ‘Sitting Disease’ is a real thing and you should be pretty concerned about it.

I’m not one to catastrophise, but you are up to 94% more likely to die much earlier if you sit in total for more than 6 hours a day regularly.

But this doesn’t mean you have get into your jogging shoes or sign up to a gym and exercise a half hour a day… which is great for other health reasons, by the way, but a stretch for many of us!

Research has proven that the best way to combat the potentially deadly effects of this is by waking up your metabolism regularly. You see, it slows down to a grinding halt when we sit for over an hour.

The most effective routine for your work-day is to move for 2 minutes, every half hour.

Yes, just 2 minutes of movement, performed regularly throughout your day can literally save your life!

You can get up for a drink, go to the bathroom, have a ‘walking meeting’, head over to your colleague instead of sending that virtual memo…

Or you can do some of my targeted stretches and exercises that switch on the best posture muscles, stretch out stiff areas and combat aches and pains.

That’s a whole strategy in itself, devoted to the right exercises (that don’t cost you a heap of time or money), but you can access some of my favourite desk exercises now by entering your details below and I’ll send them through to your inbox!