Armrests on Office Chairs… Got Them? Need Them? PLUS a Fab ‘Chair Exercise’

Since we’ve been looking at how good your office chair is for you, lets take it a step further…


Do you have arms on your chair?


Do you even need armrests on an office chair?


First, If you want to see a video of my advice on this subject PLUS get one of my favourite exercises to do at my desk- a chair press up- take a look here


I show you a way to do the chair press up with or without arms on your chair!


As for whether your should have arm rests on your chair…


Well, it’s a case of horses for courses.

There’s no real right or wrong, as it depends on your workstation and your preference.


But there are some definitive guidelines as to when you shouldn’t have arm rests on your chair.


You shouldn’t have arm rests if they inhibit you moving easily in and out of your workspace, especially if you often knock your legs on them.


And you shouldn’t have arm rests if they can’t be adjusted to slide under (or over) your desk so you can get in really close.


So, armrests should be adjustable…

and there’s some things you need to be aware of to adjust your arm rests to suit you and your setup.


As I mentioned before, your armrests need to slide under your desk so you can sit in nice and close.


If the arms are butting up against your desk it is quite tricky to get close enough not to have to reach forward to your keyboard or notebooks.


It can also make it more difficult to get in and out of your chair- and we all know I’m keen to get your moving more!


Check if there’s a button on the armrests that lets you adjust them up and down…

That way, you can lower them to fit under your desk.


If the arms are higher than your desk, you may be hunching your shoulders up when you sit.

This can put you in an awkward posture and place extra load on your neck, shoulders and upper back.


If you don’t have arms on your chair, don’t sweat!


You don’t have to worry about adjusting them or having them get in the way!


It also means you have to use your leg and core muscles more getting up and down from your chair- bonus opportunities for getting a little more strength work into your day.


There are some instances when having arm rests are helpful though, if you have severe back, leg or neck/shoulder injuries.


If you have a hunch that might be you, just contact me via email ( if you’d like to ask me more about it.


Now your challenge this week is to take a look at the arms on your office chair, if you have them, and adjust them if need be.


PLUS check out the video with the Chair pressup exercise and see how many you can fit into your day!