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Healthy Ipad & Laptop advice for students

Healthy Ipad & Laptop advice for students When your students use electronic devices, their risk of back and neck pain dramatically increases… UNLESS They are equipped and empowered with the right ergonomic, exercise and posture advice to develop healthy habits! In fact, increased computer use has been shown to be related to increased incidence of […]

Help your team feel fabulous- fast!

Help your team feel fabulous- fast! ‘Self-care’ has taken a backseat for so many workers, especially those working from home, in 2020. Yet it’s not too late to finish the year feeling fab, instead of frustrated! Feeling fatigued, stiff, sore and sluggish does NOT have to be ‘your new norm’… A few targeted minutes of […]

Student Ergonomics 🤩 FREE Online Workshop🤩

Student Ergonomics FREE Online Workshop Setup your desk for success with healthy Home study and Home learning Ergonomic advice! Sitting at a desk can be straining and draining, especially as a student, when your mind and body is developing. Healthy ergonomics, along with healthy postures and exercise habits can really help set young people up […]

Relieve Neck, shoulder and upper back Pain & Strain with this awesome exercise

I know many of you have been working and studying from home, and I’ve been seeing so many of my clients suffering aches & pains, wondering if there’s relief in sight for their posture and their bodies. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen with your return to ‘normal’ in your office or school, […]