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An Energy Boost and Encouragement for you

Do you ever feel a little sluggish, even stiff or sore sitting at your desk? Or maybe you get frustrated there’s not enough time in the day to exercise as much as you’d like… I want to inspire you, your workmates and even your family with this quick exercise tip! You see, 30mins of daily […]

Are you (and your team) ‘Fit to Sit’ at your desk?

Do you ever feel…? Knots, Niggles, Tension Tight muscles, aches or even pains Brain fog, Nodding off, productivity waning Sluggish from hours at a screen, slouching Eyes glazing over, grab another coffee Frustrated by no time to exercise, Too much on your plate Your weight creeping up, metabolism slowing down Do any of those phrases […]

How to make 2019 your best year yet!

Have you set a ‘New Year’s resolution’ for 2019?  According to statistics, most people resolutions for the new year based on improving their health.   Among the top ten most common New Year’s resolutions are   exercising more  eating more healthily  losing weight  quitting smoking  spending more time with family/friends   working on your self-improvement.  Also according to statistics, you only have 9.2% of actually succeeding in […]

Was 2018 like this for you?

I didn’t think 2018 could be any more hectic than the year before…  I was wrong!  How bout you?  Did you feel out of control at times?  I know I did, but I’m also choosing to celebrate the goals I achieved and be thankful for the many blessings in my life!   There’s a million things I’d do differently if I had […]

Online Shopping these holidays? Some Device Advice for you…

What an amazing year that has so quickly come to an end! Have you paused to reflect on all the great things you achieved in 2018? So many times, we measure ourselves by what we have failed to achieve… And not stopped to credit ourselves with what we have cause to celebrate about! The things […]

Feeling Neck Tension? Sick of Niggles and Knots? Check this out…

I’ve seen so many people- workers, students, even stay-at-home mums and retirees- complaining of stiff, sore necks and tight, tense shoulders this year… People struggling with headaches and feeling like their head weighs a tonne upon their shoulders. Folks sick and tired of the dull ache in their upper back and between their shoulder blades. […]

All I want for Christmas… NO MORE KNOTS in my neck, back & shoulders!

Do you work from a laptop- at home, out and about, at school or uni?   Perhaps you even use a laptop at work?   Well, there’s obviously some great benefits to being portable while you work, a laptop can create major problems for you.   Here’s one of the biggest ones I see bothering […]