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  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Episode 10 Healthy Habits at your Desk

    In Episode 10 of 'Be Fit 2 Sit podcast' Physio Kym Siddons shares how you can develop healthy habits at your desk... That will help you feel great, function at your best and achieve your health goals! Listen in to grab ideas that will inspire you to Move a little more, often Remind yourself to keep moving Setup your desk to reduce strain Change up your posture to lessen stiffness & soreness Simple stretches you can do anywhere, anytime Targeted exercises to improve your core strength and resist gravity ... all while you're sitting! There's also a FREE Video that demonstrates the 4 best...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Ep 9 Students are suffering from Sitting- the Stats

    When I go into classrooms to talk to kids about moving more, healthy postures & desk setup I am often amazed. Firstly, because I didn't think kid as young as 8 & 9 years would tell me how much their neck, shoulders and backs hurt when they're gaming or using their iphones/ ipads. Secondly, kids astound me by how interested they are in knowing more about their bodies! So many students enjoy the opportunity to feel the difference between a 'hunched' posture and 'healthy' postures. They love finding fun ways to move more that resonate with what they enjoy. ... and one student's parent even...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Ep8 Desk Setup Sabotage?

    Is your desk setup sabotaging your health? If you're feeling stiff and sore, tight and tense and continually lacking energy at your desk... Listen to Episode 8 of 'Be Fit 2 Sit' Podcast, as Physio Kym Siddons shares insights into some aspects of your desk setup that might be stopping you feeling great while you work. How your workstation is setup, including furniture and accessories, along with how you position yourself and move within that work environment to fulfil your work tasks, is what the term 'Ergonomics' is referring to. An 'Ergonomically friendly' work environment is supposed to help you feel good physically, as...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Ep7 Reducing Neck & Shoulder Soreness

    If you feel tightness or tension in your neck, shoulders or upper back at your desk, then Episode 7 of the 'Be Fit 2 Sit' podcast is especially for you! Physio Kym Siddons shares some tips that help reduce soreness and stiffness in your neck, upper back and shoulders by easing load on our muscles and joints through better posture and positioning stretching in targeted ways switching on pain-relieving muscles adjusting your ergonomic setup She dives into quick and easy posture tips PLUS some exercises you can do at your desk, in meetings or in the car. Join Physio Kym in a FREE 5...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Ep#6 Get a Sore Back when you Sit?

    If you ever feel pain, stiffness or soreness in your low back and hips when you sit, you're not alone. Yet, there are many simple things you can do to lessen the strain on your back and hips, preventing and minimising discomfort... so you can feel and function at your best! In Episode #6 of the 'Be Fit 2 Sit' Podcast, Physio Kym Siddons shares How a little bit of targeted movement can reduce back and hip pain Simple stretches and exercises to help your back when sitting Ways to setup your desk furniture to reduce load on your back and hips ...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Ep#5 The BEST Movement Break for YOU

    Sprinkling mini movement breaks throughout your day is KEY to feeling and functioning your best at your desk, and beyond. But finding the MOTIVATION to MOVE can be difficult... Until you find your Motivating factor! The REASON that gets you going! In Episode #5 of 'Be Fit 2 Sit' Podcast Physio Kym Siddons discusses many different reasons that might motivate you to move so you start living your best life! They include Boosting your energy levels reducing stiffness and soreness improving posture and flexibility increasing your metabolic rate towards losing weight reducing tension and stress Take a listen and be inspired to work out YOUR most...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Ep#4 Holiday Device Advice for the Family

    Frustrated with your kids' use of devices, screens and gaming during the holidays? Technology- phones, tablets, computer games, TV, consoles and everything in between- can be so much fun and something kids look forward spending more time on during the holidays... But when is enough enough? When does the balance tip from fun to frustration, even tempers and tantrums for kids and their parents? And at what point do health risks become a concern? In Episode #4 of the Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast, physio Kym Siddons chats candidly, with 'no judgement' about the challenges of increased technology use during the holidays, by kids and...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast Ep #3 Is ‘Sit up Straight’ good posture advice?

    Ever been told to ‘Sit up Straight’? We may have even told others, especially our kids hunched over their desks or slouching on the couch to ‘Sit up Straight!’.   In Episode number 3 of the ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ Podcast, I share the most recent posture advice… and it doesn’t really promote the notion of ‘sitting up straight’.   There are good reasons why this is the case, which I dive deeper into during this episode.   Most importantly, I help you understand what you should do to facilitate a healthy, confident and strain-free posture- and tell others to do- instead!   When I ask people about their...
  • ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ Episode #2 Health Risks of Sitting & how to Avoid them

    Welcome to Episode #2 of the Be Fit 2 Sit podcast! I’m your host, Physio Kym Siddons and in this episode I talk about some of the Health Risks of sitting a lot and how we can avoid them.   Globally, we are gradually spending more time sitting- statistics suggest up to 12 hours a day for many of us, and rising!   This amount of sitting rose again during periods of isolation and restriction during the Covid-19 pandemic, so that we became even more ‘sedentary’.   Many of us even saw the result of this, as our levels of ’incidental exercise’ significantly decreased and we noticed...
  • Be Fit 2 Sit Episode #1 Why Be Fit 2 Sit?

    Welcome to the 'Be Fit 2 Sit' Podcast! I'm your host, Physiotherapist Kym Siddons and I hope to equip and encourage you as we talk about healthy exercise, ergonomics, posture and practical self-care strategies to help you feel and function your best at your desk- and beyond! If you're a student, parent or teacher; a worker or a leader who spends a fair bit of time at your desk, or using screens, then this podcast is for you! In this first episode, I share the heart behind the 'Be Fit 2 Sit' podcast and why I want to start a converstation to help...

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About Physio Kym Siddons

Physio Kym Siddons


Kym is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist + Occupational Health Physio with 25years experience, having worked with elite athletes and teams such as the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. She’s also an accomplished Speaker, an Author, a wife and mother of three kids.

Kym uses her expertise to help leaders, workers and students ditch the strain, pain and drain often involved with sitting… by equipping them to feel & function their best and achieve success- at their desk and beyond!

Through ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ workshops in Schools and Workplaces, plus her online programs, Kym equips and encourages her clients with quick and easy strategies they can sprinkle throughout their everyday to develop healthy work and study habits and improve their ‘Physical Resilience’. These include targeted stretches and exercises that ease muscle tension and switch on ‘anti-slouching muscles’, plus practical posture tips, desk setup advice (good ergonomics) and time-saving hacks to boost health and productivity.

Kyms mission is to inspire others, particularly our next generation, to feel confident & capable, so they can function their best, reach their potential and live fulfilling lives.

Be Fit 2 Sit!