Is standing at work better for you than sitting?

So far this month I’ve been banging on about how bad it is for your body to sit in a poor posture and given you tips on how to move regularly and achieve ‘good posture’ while you sit…

But is there an even better alternative?

What about standing? Is that any better for you?

Standing inherently stimulates more muscle activity and therefore improves your metabolism and burns more energy. Standing has also been proven to improve concentration, productivity and mental health- YAY!

However, standing also puts more load on the circulatory system (think varicose veins), isn’t quite as efficient for performing fine motor tasks (like typing fast), plus standing still at a a desk is very tiring.

So what’s the answer?

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Good posture – It’s all in the balance … 3 Steps to tilt it in your favour

Your spine is one continuous curve, in most people it roughly takes the shape of an ‘S’

You can see how, like a spring, or even better a ‘Slinky’ this makes it ideal for adapting to different movements while also shock absorbing the load of our bodies as we walk, run, jump etc.

The ‘S’ is for Shock absorption, stabilising and smooth movement, so it’s really helpful to try and ‘keep your curves!’

So this week I’m calling you to action with my

3 steps to ‘keeping your S curve Sitting’

  • Wedge your butt back in the chair
  • Lean back on your backrest
  • Bring the weight of your head back over your shoulders

When you sit poorly, the ‘S’ shape is lost and your curve turns into more of a ‘C’…

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My Top 3 Posture No-No’s

Let’s face it, we’re ALL guilty at some point of my TOP 3 POSTURE NO-NO’s 

Let me know below which one you catch yourself doing most often…

1) perching on the edge of your seat
2) crossing your legs
3) slumping over your device

… and Yes there’s an ‘All of the Above’ option

So lets’s explore more about these self-destructive postures this week…

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