5 Tips to BOOST your BRAINPOWER!

It’s ‘Brain awareness week’ which is a global initiative to promote awareness of healthy habits for your brain! There are many simple things we can do to look after our brains and help reduce the risk of conditions like dementia.


This is especially important if you spend lots of time each day in front of a computer screen… or any screen for that matter.


There’s a proven connection between the amount of time we spend in front of a screen and our mental health.


Regardless of content- whether you’re looking at the screen for work, for study or in your downtime- the pixellation of the screen messes with our concentration, our ability to experience positive emotions and the release of many hormones.




So, are you ready for the GOOD NEWS???!!!


There are a few ways to counteract the negative effect of screen time on our brains…

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Are you a serial offender… of CROSSING YOUR LEGS? You must READ THIS!

So, it’s International Women’s Day this week… ‘Happy Women’s Day’ to all you lovely ladies out there!

And yes fellas, ‘Hi’ to you too… be sure to show your appreciation of any special gals in your life this week 🙂


In honour of International Women’s Day I wanted to share something particularly interesting for the LADIES this week… guys, you might well be interested too, but it’s the gals who are ALWAYS  asking me.


You guessed it, it’s about whether CROSSING YOUR LEGS is REALLY that bad for you, and if so, WHY?


So, I have a confession to make…

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually a SERIAL LEG CROSSER!

Well, maybe more of a recovering leg crosser.


Either way, it’s a daily battle for me, catching myself out sitting at my desk with my legs crossed, then correcting it.

BUT I’m determined to keep at breaking this BAD HABIT for a number of reasons…

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Who’s SICK of SITTING at their desk all day?


But guess what? I’ve got the cure!

My new desktop sit-stand desk arrived a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been test-driving it and I’m lovin it 🙂

And yeah, I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t have to sit anywhere near as much of the day as many of you- I get to break up my week so I have days on my feet in the clinic- but when I’m doing my consulting work and writing all the content for my course and things like this blog… I suffer just like the rest of you if I don’t keep moving regularly.

I have certainly come up with loads of ways to take the ‘pain in the neck’ out of sitting at your desk all day WITHOUT using a sit-stand desk, but it’s a WHOLE LOT EASIER to break up the grind of sitting and be more active when I can just push a button and Walah! I’m on my feet, switching on all my good posture muscles and still keeping my mind on my job!

I’ve put a fair amount of time and research into the sit-stand desk that you can just plonk on top of whatever furniture you’ve got… cos, let’s face it, most of us don’t have the luxury of endless space or $$$ for a whole new electric stand-capable desk…

And I’ve decided that this Aussie developed, sturdy-as, value for money, TOUCH-BUTTON up-down desk is THE BOMB!!!

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My gift to you this Valentine’s Day… 4 SIMPLE STEPS to a HEALTHY HEART

This week hosts everyone’s favourite day devoted to celebrating love, VALENTINE’S DAY!

And, on the ‘day of love’, Australians are being encouraged to show their support for research into HEART DISEASE by wearing RED.


The stats on HEART DISEASE are alarming! 23 Aussies die of heart disease every single day and 4 times more women die of heart disease than breast cancer!


So how healthy is your heart?


There are many risk factors for heart disease, some you can’t control and some you can.

You obviously can’t control your age, gender, ethnic background or family history, but you can control the following things… so read on and check if there’s any you can work on, then what you can do to turn your heart health around!
The risks you CAN CONTROL are

  • Smoking
  • Being inactive
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Being overweight
  • Unhealthy diet

Important to note, is that if you are inactive, you are almost twice as likely to suffer coronary heart disease, compared to those who get enough exercise.


The good news is 8 out of 10 cases of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented through healthy lifestyle behaviours– Yay!!



Cardiologist Dr Edward Barin has developed the ‘4-M’ approach to a healthy heart

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Forward Head Posture- a right PAIN IN THE NECK!

Take a second to think about the position of your head and neck as you’re reading this…

If someone took a side-on profile photo of you right now, would your head be forward compared to your shoulders? Your answer is likely to be a ‘yes’!

You might look like the picture above, where your head and neck is protruding forward compared to your shoulders, and that’s called a ‘Forward Head Posture’.

SO what’s the big deal? Aren’t most of us guilty of tending to slump into a forward head posture from time to time? Well, while most of us are guilty, and DO tend towards a forward head posture, it’s definitely NOT something you want to make a habit of.

A forward head posture places tonnes of load on your neck and shoulders…

Obviously, this can lead to pain and stiffness in those areas, headaches and even arm and back pain.

What’s more, if left unchecked, a forward head posture can lead to arthritis in your neck and upper back, restriction in your shoulder movement and, eventually, a hunched back!

You need to be determined to reverse it while you still can!

Here’s a quick test you can do to see if you have, or are heading towards, a forward head posture…

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Are YOU at risk of developing a HUNCHBACK?

I’ve been talking you through some posture types lately and you might be wondering…

What’s MY posture type?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to checkout the DIY POSTURE CHECKUP I’ve put together so you can find out!


This week I’m focussing on probably the most common and most problematic of posture types, an INCREASED (Thoracic) KYPHOSIS… an increased curve in the upper part of the back (the Thoracic Spine) which you might associate with a ‘Hunchback’.


It’s hard for all of us not too succumb to gravity, as our weight falls forwards when we sit at a desk, or on our laptop or slumped over our smartphone… but if you don’t make a conscious effort to reverse your posture often and strengthen the right muscles you can end up having an irreversible ‘hunch’… and if this posture type tends to run in your family your risk is greater.


Now most people certainly don’t see or feel the subtle signs of developing a hunchback… They might include

  • Stiffness in their upper back
  • Tightness, tension or even pain across the shoulders and upper back
  • Difficulty raising arms overhead
  • difficulty straightening up completely

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Worried about your Posture? Get a FREE DIY POSTURE CHECKUP!

We’ve been talking lots about our sitting posture- what’s good and bad- and some exercises to improve your sitting posture. It’s true that often your stiffness and soreness can be related to the type of posture you have, or that you tend to adopt when you’re tired.


But lots of people are asking me- What TYPE of posture do I actually have?


How do I know if I have GOOD or BAD posture?


When someone medically trained assesses your posture, we’d usually do it in standing, so I’ve done up a special posture check sheet that you can follow along for yourself at home… a FREE DIY POSTURE CHECKUP! CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!

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Is Slouching REALLY that Bad for you?

I’ve recently been talking about the essential 3 steps to sitting with a healthy posture in your chair… and I could hear some of you thinking…


‘What’s REALLY so bad about slouching in your chair?


Remember I explained that slouching causes your tail to tuck under, your trunk to flex forwards and your head and neck to poke forwards, like the picture above, but what are the consequences for this?


So here’s the 3 biggest problems with slouching

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ACE YOUR POSTURE from the Get-Go in 2018!

I don’t know about you, but with the disruption of routine over the Christmas and New Year period, it’s been very easy to fall off the bandwagon a bit at the start of the year!


With taking some holidays, even just a few days, the kids being off school, catching up more with family and friends… all make great excuses for not making my usual time for exercise, eating well, sleeping properly… AAAHHHH!!!


So with best intentions and New Year resolutions all planned out, it often feels like we need another week or two (or even three?) to get back into gear and take action-

Or is that just me?


Now, to know exactly what the most IMPORTANT THING to do well and often IS, make sure you ‘read more’ and enter your details below this blog to RECEIVE my FREE VIDEO!

So, here’s my shortcut way to diving straight back in and setting up good postural habits so you can ACE YOUR POSTURE from the get-go this year, as you sit back at your workstation!!!

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4 Tips to Create Healthy Habits for Smartphone and Tablet Use…

Happy New Year! Here’s cheers to a healthy 2018 ahead for you all!

If  you’re worried about your – and your kids’- device use getting out of control this year, especially with many kids still on holidays, be sure to read on!

We’ve all no doubt been enjoying spending a little more time unwinding on our devices- whether it’s to read, shop, play games, catchup on social media…

But with so many negative health implications, it’s a good idea to be clued up on a few key points around healthy smartphone and tablet use… so you can have a think about whether you might want to set some parameters around it for you and your family.

There’s lots of evidence out now that’s proven a few negative consequences of device use on our bodies- Poor posture, altered hormone release from blue light emission and eye strain.

Before we dive into my tips, lets take a look at the problems excessive device use causes…

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