Burning Fat while you Sit at your Desk- Is it Possible?

If you want to combat pain & strain at your desk, improve your posture and flexibility, boost your health (including burning fat) and productivity… listen up!


This piece of info can revolutionise your workday and only takes a few minutes


And if you read to the end, I’ll share with you the most effective techniques I use with my clients to improve strength and endurance in your ‘good posture’ muscles to reduce pain and improve posture.


Now, Drumroll please…


Here’s the quickest, most effective and research-proven way to improve your health at your desk…


By doing 2 Minutes of Movement, half hourly while you’re sitting!


Why? Because it drastically boosts your Metabolism!


So what is your Metabolism and why is it a big deal?


Technically, the word ‘Metabolism’ describes all of the biochemical reactions in your body.  It’s how you take in nutrients and oxygen and use them to fuel everything you do.


Metabolism includes how the cells in your body perform physical activities you control eg (your movments), activities you can’t control (eg heat rate, digestion) and how you store extra energy for later (eg store fat).


That mightn’t seem like a big deal, but believe me… how fast or slow your metabolism is greatly affects your health!


Most people are totally (or at least partially) unaware that sitting at a desk slows down their metabolism.


So much so, that after an hour sitting at your desk it’s barely above your metabolic rate when you sleep!😨


Repetitively sitting more than an hour each day without regular (hourly) ‘movement breaks’, therefore puts you at a far greater risk of ill health and developing serious chronic diseases.


It also means it makes you much more likely to store more fat… none of us want that 😉


So, this week I’m challenging you to move for 2 minutes every half hour at your desk- or at least every hour- to boost your metabolism and burn more energy before it becomes fat!


To help you out, I decided to show you a few of the exact exercises I like to give my clients to do in their 2 minutes of movement at a desk


These are exercises that target your ‘anti-slouching’ muscles to improve strength and endurance, improve your flexibility, and reduce pain.


Sound good?


So you, too, can make the most of those precious minutes!


Commit to joining me in the challenge to move 2 minutes every half hour at your desk over the next week… and going forwards… and give my favourite exercises a try!


If you’d like to know my 5 Steps to Combat Pain & Strain, Improve posture & Flexibility & Boost your Health at your Desk, enter your destail below and I’ll send them to you 🙂