Exercising when you’re stiff, sore or injured: Rule No 2

This month I’m sharing my guidelines with you about Exercising when you’re sore, stiff or have an existing condition or injury…

For many of us, that might feel like a lot of the time?

A lot of people have aches and pains or a long term condition that make them unsure about how to move, what to safely do and how much to do.

Are you among them?

Or maybe you have an ‘acute’ (i.e. recent) injury that’s put you out of action for a bit.

In both cases, rest assured that the more you can keep your body moving, the better your long term outcomes will be!

You just need to some guidance as to what type of activity and how much will be best for you.

Last week I shared the first part in my series that outlines 4 Rules to bear in mind for Exercising when you’re Stiff, Sore or Injured.

And this week I’ll share Rule no 2…

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Burning Fat while you Sit at your Desk- Is it Possible?

If you want to combat pain & strain at your desk, improve your posture and flexibility, boost your health (including burning fat) and productivity… listen up!


This piece of info can revolutionise your workday and only takes a few minutes


And if you read to the end, I’ll share with you the most effective techniques I use with my clients to improve strength and endurance in your ‘good posture’ muscles to reduce pain and improve posture.


Now, Drumroll please…


Here’s the quickest, most effective and research-proven way to improve your health at your desk…


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Armrests on Office Chairs… Got Them? Need Them? PLUS a Fab ‘Chair Exercise’

Since we’ve been looking at how good your office chair is for you, lets take it a step further…


Do you have arms on your chair?


Do you even need armrests on an office chair?


First, If you want to see a video of my advice on this subject PLUS get one of my favourite exercises to do at my desk- a chair press up- take a look here


I show you a way to do the chair press up with or without arms on your chair!


As for whether your should have arm rests on your chair…


Well, it’s a case of horses for courses.

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Combat your Low Back Pain Standing with 3 Expert Tips

Many of us suffer from low back pain while we’re standing…

Whether we’re on our feet all day for work,
OR Spend time at a standing desk​
OR spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals for family & friends,
OR standing around endlessly at social events or the kids sports matches

… Well, it shouldn’t be our ‘norm’.

I was at my hairdresser a few weeks back when she ‘fessed up;
the pain in her back was making her workdays an uphill battle.

I talked her through a few tips I give my clients and when I saw her again last weekend she was over the moon!

“I’ve tried so many things Kym, taken on board so much advice, but your few tips have changed my life!”

Of course, I had to share them with you

Tip 1) Try to even up your weight between both feet (so most of your body weight is just in front of your ankles).
Then soften your knees.

Consider how you stand when you’re not thinking about it?
Many of us tend to put most of our weight through one leg and sink sideways into that hip
OR we lock our knees back straight and shift our hips forwards.

Whatever your standing habit, Tip 1 will set you up for standing more comfortably!
It takes the strain off your knees, hips and therefore Low Back.

Tip 2) Take even more load off your hips, pelvis and low back by switching on the right muscles. This supports you in a good standing posture for longer.

Here’s how…

Feel the sides of both hips for the bony lump that is the ball of each hip. Then centre your hips so they’re directly over your ankles (or as close as you can get without pain)

If you’re able to, gently draw yourself a bit taller so you’re taking the weight of your trunk off your hips and low back.

Then, BREATHE while you practice holding that posture.

Tip 3) Try and gradually spend more time in your ‘Good Standing Posture’ than your ‘Bad Standing posture’.
This creates a great new Habit that will take strain off your low back and pelvis long term.

When you’ve mastered that position, take things up a notch…
Start moving regularly while you hold your ‘New Posture’.

Try shifting your weight gently from leg to leg- forwards and back then side to side- in ‘mini lunges’.
This strengthens your standing muscles even more and stops you slumping into ‘Old Habits’!

So, your CHALLENGE THIS WEEK is to keep an eye on your standing posture and practice correcting it, so you can take the strain off your back!
Remember, Little things done well, and done often, make for incredible transformation.


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Are you a serial offender… of CROSSING YOUR LEGS? You must READ THIS!

So, it’s International Women’s Day this week… ‘Happy Women’s Day’ to all you lovely ladies out there!

And yes fellas, ‘Hi’ to you too… be sure to show your appreciation of any special gals in your life this week 🙂


In honour of International Women’s Day I wanted to share something particularly interesting for the LADIES this week… guys, you might well be interested too, but it’s the gals who are ALWAYS  asking me.


You guessed it, it’s about whether CROSSING YOUR LEGS is REALLY that bad for you, and if so, WHY?


So, I have a confession to make…

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually a SERIAL LEG CROSSER!

Well, maybe more of a recovering leg crosser.


Either way, it’s a daily battle for me, catching myself out sitting at my desk with my legs crossed, then correcting it.

BUT I’m determined to keep at breaking this BAD HABIT for a number of reasons…

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Who’s SICK of SITTING at their desk all day?


But guess what? I’ve got the cure!

My new desktop sit-stand desk arrived a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been test-driving it and I’m lovin it 🙂

And yeah, I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t have to sit anywhere near as much of the day as many of you- I get to break up my week so I have days on my feet in the clinic- but when I’m doing my consulting work and writing all the content for my course and things like this blog… I suffer just like the rest of you if I don’t keep moving regularly.

I have certainly come up with loads of ways to take the ‘pain in the neck’ out of sitting at your desk all day WITHOUT using a sit-stand desk, but it’s a WHOLE LOT EASIER to break up the grind of sitting and be more active when I can just push a button and Walah! I’m on my feet, switching on all my good posture muscles and still keeping my mind on my job!

I’ve put a fair amount of time and research into the sit-stand desk that you can just plonk on top of whatever furniture you’ve got… cos, let’s face it, most of us don’t have the luxury of endless space or $$$ for a whole new electric stand-capable desk…

And I’ve decided that this Aussie developed, sturdy-as, value for money, TOUCH-BUTTON up-down desk is THE BOMB!!!

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