Ignore your Niggles at your Peril! When to wait & when to act…

A new study of tradie’s health & injuries highlights not only some risks for tradies, but some extremely important health lessons for us all.


You see, Australia’s national health campaign this month is focused on the health of our trusty ‘tradies’…


… the ‘Good guys’ that come to the rescue when we need something fixed or built for us.


Yet a new study shows that our tradies are suffering… nearly 2/3 (64%) of tradies said they’ve been injured in their current job and most fail to see a doctor or seek any medical attention.


This seems a little crazy to the rest of us!


Their work relies so heavily on their physical capacity, and time off work due to injuries hits them even harder in the hip pocket than many of us…


We might think they’d take great care of their bodies; yet the study shows 79% take great care of their tools and only 47% consider looking after their body


Now, before we point a judgemental finger, have a think;


Are most of us any different?

The amount of parents or childcare workers I see injured from lifting the kids they look after poorly (guilty!)…


The gardeners and handymen/women who push on regardless of the warning signs from their body to ‘get the job done’…


The number of ‘weekend warriors’ playing sport without any proper conditioning, warmup and then recovering with a few ‘cold beverages’ afterwards…


The amount of gym-goers who lift weights or struggle on the cardio machines without the correct technique and push through pain to reach their ‘fitness goals’…


The people packing the car in a hurry to leave for holidays and awkwardly lifting those suitcases or boxes…


Even the steady stream of office workers I see with pain in their backs, necks, shoulders and arms from straining their bodies in poor positions for long periods, mousing their way to repetitive strain injuries.


I could go on and on!


Yep, I think we’ve all been guilty of placing the health of our bodies at the back of our mind while we rush around, just needing to get jobs done…


But the results can be cumulative a catastrophic!


Failing to seek an opinion, on whether your soreness or stiffness is a serious issue, can delay proper treatment and lead to more lengthy and complicated issues 😫


A rough guide is any soreness or stiffness or swelling that

– is taking longer than a week to resolve,

– or is increasing in intensity,

– or wakes you at night

– or is no better the next time you attempt a task


… could use a professional assessment!


The good news is Physiotherapists are experts at examining and advising on musculoskeletal (meaning related to joint, ligament and muscular) issues!😀


Plus, we’re able to provide action steps in terms of treatment and exercise advice- a win-win!


But, you’re so much better off if you seek help earlier rather than later!


So, I’m challenging you this week to slow down enough to recognise when you’re placing strain on your body!


Then, either take a break, or readjust your position, or reduce the load, or move if you’ve been sitting too long…


And do yourself a favour by getting any niggles looked at!


Let’s also celebrate ‘Tradies Health month’ by encouraging any tradies in our lives to look after their bodies so they can stay in the game for the long haul…👍


And take on board a timely reminder on-board ourselves to prioritise looking after our own bodies a little better.😊


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