Does your Office Chair Need a ‘Checkup’?

It’s nearly the end of the financial year in Australia… So many of us are keen to maximise our tax deductions!


If you’re been feeling a bit uncomfortable in your office chair and wondering if it’s right for you, this is the perfect time to give your chair at work a ‘checkup’ and see if you’re due a new one!


Many people ask me about what they should look for in a good, ‘ergonomic’ office chair..

So this week I’ll take you through Part 1 of your ‘Office Chair Checkup’


The first question you’ll need to ask is whether it’s height adjustable?🤔


Now, if you tend to sit on a dining chair or waiting room type chair, you might want to work towards finding something a bit more suitable..


Your body will thank you!


So, I’m afraid it’s a ‘Fail’ straight up if your chair can’t go up and down to suit you and your desk height.😨


In that case, hunt around your house or office to see if there’s a height adjustable office-type chair you can use OR head here to my shop page to checkout the one that ticks all the boxes for adjustable, ergonomically friendly chairs, that suits most people and is best value for money…

And order with FREE SHIPPING before the end of the financial year!🎉


Moving on, I’m assuming your chair moves up and down (and the gas lift isn’t broken 😂)…

Find the lever on the side and adjust the height so your elbows are at about 90 degrees when your fingers are on the keyboard to type.


At that level, wiggle your butt right back into the seat and see if your feet rest completely flat on the floor???


If they don’t, you’ll need to use a footrest!👢

A footrest makes a massive difference to your posture and comfort.


If you don’t have one, try using a low box like a shoe box or some reams of paper.

… Or you can look around the office for a spare footrest.


Beware, not all footrests are created equal!

So many are plastic and slippery, difficult to adjust and wonky, so that you don’t really feel more comfy using it.


I’ve hunted far and wide and come up with one that’s adjustable for your height, super easy to adjust, has anti-slip carpeting (so your shoes don’t slide off) and is super sturdy!

… you can check-out my shop page for the best footrest around if you’re interested.👌


So, how did you go?


Does your chair pass the height adjustability test?

Do you need a footrest?


Your challenge this week is to adjust the height of your chair and determine if you need a footrest.

THEN, make sure you sit your butt back in the chair, come in close to your desk and place your toooties on that footrest if you need one!


Let me know how you go!


Next week we’ll look at another important aspect of your ‘chair checkup’.👍


And if you’re keen on getting your hands on the best exercises to do at your desk for your posture and to loosen up those stiff joints and tight muscles, enter your details here, it’s FREE