Ep #16 What to do when STUDY or WORK is a Pain in the Neck?

In episode #16 of Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast, Physio Kym Siddons talks about What to do when STUDY or WORK is a Pain in the Neck… or maybe your back or your shoulders.

With so many students busy studying, or workers trying to finish off a tonne of work before the Christmas break, many are feeling the strain in their minds and bodies.

In this episode, Kym looks at a variety of ways you can help yourself feel and function better, relieving strain, drain and pain, along with boosting your concentration and improving your posture.

Sometimes it’s counter-intuitive:

  • like activating muscles instead of stretching
  • or taking a break when you’ve got so much to do
  • reversing your body position (even getting on the bed or floor)

… But you’re guaranteed to find a few options that will work your you and help you feel amazing!

Kym Shares a few of her favourite desk exercises, plus some ideas on ways to exercise in a targeted way.


She also has a free video that will help you, with her 4 fave desk exercises (different to those in the episode)

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You can also watch along on youtube to see exactly what she’s doing as she records this podcast episode 🙂