Episode 13 Moving is FUN with Dale Sidebottom

Moving is FUN and benefits us in a myriad of ways!

Special guest, Dale Sidebottom from ‘Energetic Education’ and ‘Jugar Life’ shares his insights and ideas on how we can encourage ourselves, our family and community members to engage in PLAY to improve our mental and physical health.

Dale shares his journey from PE teacher to international presenter, and how he’s discovered that using play and games helps him build positive connections and relationships with students and workers quickly and autherntically, so they can engage, learn and move well.

Dale’s found that ‘Play-based mindfulness’ is a great way to take a great to bring joy and set a positive tone in your home, your workplace or classroom, to improve people’s mental and physical health.

Dale shares his tips on incorporating this philosophy into our daily routines…

  1. Instead of wearing ‘busyness’ as a badge of honour, set aside even a few minutes regularly to schedule in ‘playdates’ with yourself, family members, school or work mates, to take an active break from the stress and strain your daily activities…
    These might be dice games, or clapping games, or moves to music- the options are endless-
    and you can get lots of inspiration and free resources from Dale’s website.

Just keep a few guidelines in mind with group games- which Dale shares- so your activities are inclusive, keep people engaged and feeling safe, rather than focussing on winning and losing.

2. Give yourself, your collegues and students ‘permission to move’ in their everyday, and promote flexibility in how they position themselves while they work or learn is key.

3. Be kind to yourself in your ‘self-talk’ and just start where you’re at, even if that’s a long way from where you want to end up.
– Set small, realistic goals for yourself- with little rewards- to really help to spur yourself on as you aim to move more. Dale and Kym share some fun ideas about ‘sneaking fitness’ into your day to day life!
– Put away your devices and other distractions away and take a walk, or whatever activity suits you best, each day

Dale & Kym discuss lots of quick and easy ways to inject fun and movement into your day, whether it’s with your work team, your family or just for your own sanity, so join us in Episode #13 of the ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ Podcast.

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