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Feel Fab Fast – Online Challenge

Feel Fab Fast – Online Challenge

Good News for you and your team!
If the end of 2020 has you feeling fatigued and foggy, perhaps a bit frustrated…
Then I’ve got GREAT NEWS for you!

Just a few minutes of targeted exercise can boost your energy levels and relieve strain & pain!

Wherever you are…
Whenever you feel flat…

Stretching and strengthening our ‘anti-slouching muscles’ for a few minutes can make a massive difference!

Firstly, to inspire you with an awesome and effective exercise this week, I’m sharing a Stretch from our ‘Feel Fab Fast’ 30 day Challenge.

Feel Fab Fast - Online Challenge

If you and your workplace would like to join this fun and effective workplace wellbeing initiative, email or send me a message.


Secondly, I’d love to equip and inspire your workers to feel their best at their desk, to finish this year feeling fabulous!

We’ve kicked off the ‘Feel Fab Fast 30 day Challenge’ for individual workers and are now offering this online program to teams of workers for #safeworkmonth

So you and your colleagues can access Fast and effective exercises, stretches, energisers and health tips online…



– relieve tight, tense muscles

– boost energy levels, memory & productivity

– reduce strain & pain on your back, neck & shoulders

– improve posture & flexibility

– understand how you relieve your stiffness & soreness

– kickstart your metabolism

– setup your workspace better

– be equipped & encouraged to help yourself feel A-MAZING


You’ll find that effective things, done daily will have you feeling fabulous in no time!

PLUS With easy access to your personal physio in your pocket, you’ll get questions about your aches & pains answered too!

This 30 day Online challenge includes

  • A bite-sized tip or exercise each day that will propel you towards feeling fabulous
  • The BEST exercises to target anti-slouching, pain relieving muscles
  • Brain boosting hacks to improve memory
  • Targeted stretches to improve posture & flexibility
  • Kickstart metabolism with quick and easy tricks
  • Simple, Budget friendly Desk setup advice to ease aches & pains
  • Practical Device advice to relieve tension & improve productivity
  • Private online community for your team

You WILL NOT need to put on activewear or need any fancy equipment
You WILL NOT need to set aside a heap of time

So, message Kym today about your workplace running the online ‘Feel Fab Fast’ Challenge in your workplace. As a result finish the year feeling fabulous, fit & strong!