Feeling Neck Tension? Sick of Niggles and Knots? Check this out…

I’ve seen so many people- workers, students, even stay-at-home mums and retirees- complaining of stiff, sore necks and tight, tense shoulders this year…

People struggling with headaches and feeling like their head weighs a tonne upon their shoulders.

Folks sick and tired of the dull ache in their upper back and between their shoulder blades.

Others irritated by niggling neck pain and tension.

Even kids complaining of soreness and strain while they study!

There’s always one thing in common…

Looking down for long periods!

We look down so much of our day 😳

Whether it’s looking

Down at your laptop or keyboard

Down at your phone or tablet

Down at your documents or books

Down at your kitchen or work bench…

I could go on and on.

Basically, we look down a lot.

Considering our head is like a bowling ball and, as it moves forwards, it hangs off our poor neck, shoulders and upper back, it’s no wonder those areas are feeling the strain.

How often, and for how long, do you look down each day?

This week, while you work,

While you study,

While you use your phone

and while you potter around the house

… try and keep tabs on how much of the day you look down.

Then catch yourself and correct your posture (for more advice on getting great posture, join my free Workstation Workout Challenge)

You see, we’re sitting (or standing) looking down at all the screens in our lives, for cumulatively longer and longer each day.

We’re certainly not doing our bodies or our posture any favours 😣

As we wrap up this year, I’m looking back and asking my clients which tips they found most useful this year…

The advice that they appreciated the most.

And one of the things they’ve loved is the hints I’ve given them about setting themselves up for success at their desks (or their kitchen/ dining tables) 👍

In last week’s article, I mentioned the laptop raise that is one of my favourite ways to combat strain on your upper back, neck and shoulders.

And today I’m sharing an absolutely awesome accessory for your workstation if you read from, copy off or write on books, papers or documents!

It’s called a Microdesk, and it’s a strange-looking clear Perspex document holder that raises your reading or writing surface so you don’t have to look down anywhere near as much.

You place your books or papers on the sturdy tray that tilts them up at an angle that suits you and your purpose.

It even sits over your keyboard so you can copy, read and write while you type!

This has revolutionised many student’s lives,

It’s transformed many desk-workers’ dreary days,

And rescued scores of avid reader’s necks.

Do your neck, back and shoulders seek relief too?

If you’re ready to rescue your tense and tight torso, then I’ve got great news for you!

I’ve got a limited number of Microdesks in stock that will be shipped for free before Christmas!

I’d love to send one your way, to help you and your loved ones to less struggle and strain next year!

So head to my online shop at www.kymsiddonsphysio.com.au

Check out the most effective and affordable (often hard to find) ‘Ergonomic’ products that your body will just love ❤

The Microdesk is listed there, among my other tried and tested, ergonomically friendly favourites.

And, until Christmas, there’s free shipping on everything!

So check out your posture this week and feel free to email me (kym@kymsiddonsphysio.com.au) if you’re wondering if a Microdesk might benefit you. 😄

And if you’d like more tips on feeling fabulous while you work or study, sign up for the Free ‘Workstation Workout Challenge’ here