Get your HARMONY Groove on! Try this out…

Happy Harmony Day!


What a great excuse to celebrate all things diverse about culture in our workplace, family, community and nation 😊


So, you know how I like to promote the value in moving for 2 minutes every half hour that you’re sitting- whether it’s at work, home or out and about, right? 💃🚶🏻


Well, why not make it your business this ‘Harmony Week’ so take a short stroll round the office, or stop for a moment while you’re at the kids’ school, or the shops and ask someone about themselves?


They’re bound to have something different to tell you pertaining to their culture, their background, their religion, their interests, their aspirations that you can find out about…

…And celebrate!


How often do we sit next to, walk past, smile briefly to, even pass by regularly at work or in our community that we know nothing about? 🤔


How much joy could you bring to someone’s day by simply showing an interest in them and their unique story? And think of how good you feel about yourself when you dare to reach out of your comfort zone a little to show someone else you care? 😀


This week, your challenge doesn’t focus on ergonomics or exercise (well, I’d love you to get your two minutes’ walk in while you talk, he he) but on fostering a sense of inclusion to those to your workplace, family or community. 🤗


… so you can all feel the LURVE 😊❤