Healthy Ipad & Laptop advice for students

Healthy Ipad & Laptop advice for students

When your students use electronic devices, their risk of back and neck pain dramatically increases… UNLESS

They are equipped and empowered with the right ergonomic, exercise and posture advice to develop healthy habits!

In fact, increased computer use has been shown to be related to increased incidence of neck and shoulder pain and poor postures in adolescents*

This breaks my heart, because so many of these issues are easily preventable when students are empowered with the right exercises, ergonomic and posture advice.


I’ve put together packages for schools and families to ensure their students avoid the nasty side effects of device use, so they can feel and function at their best!

Through fun and engaging class lessons- onsite or online- students, parents & teachers can access education around the simple and effective self-care strategies they can use to

  • Prevent strain & pain
  • Improve posture & productivity
  • Understand Ergonomic principles for laptop & ipad use
  • Establish healthy device habits
  • Stretch and strengthen ‘anti-slouching’ muscles

I’ve been teaching these strategies to students & their school communities for the past couple of years. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

So, just reach out to me for more info about how we can team up to help the students in your world feel & function their best.

Watch the ” Healthy Ipad & Laptop advice for students ” video here!

Healthy Ipad & Laptop advice for students

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*Contact me for source references