If Sitting is the ‘New Smoking’, are you at RISK?

The stats are appalling… we are dying a slow death due to the increasing number of hours we spend sitting each day. 😳


The average Aussie sits on average more than 9hours a day (and rising), oblivious to the damage it’s doing to their health… if you add up all the time you sit at work, in the car, on the couch of an evening, is that you?


The increased risk of Heart and lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, mental health disorders, cancer and even death is ridiculously higher in adults who sit more than 7 hours a day, some studies report up to 94% higher!


Not to mention the physical toll on your posture: an increased ‘hunch’ in your upper back (thoracic kyphosis) is associated with a far poorer quality of life as you age.


But I exercise regularly??!! I hear you protest… well, even if you DO exercise the recommended 30 minutes each day, it doesn’t offset the serious side effects of sitting all day.


You see, recent studies (in particular some by Professor Alan Hedge of Cambridge University) have shown that after JUST ONE HOUR of sitting our metabolism slows down so much that we start depositing fat!  YIKES! 😩


There’s ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION… are you dying to know?



It’s as easy as moving every half hour, for 2 minutes that you’re sitting 😀


That’s the whole reason I developed my concept of ‘Workstation workouts’ in the first place… to let people know the simple exercises they can do- without even leaving their desk- to boost their metabolism, switch on their ‘good posture muscles’ to avoid pain, combat stiffness, improve comfort in sitting, boost energy levels and concentration, improve mood and many more.


Sure, it’s fantastic to get up and move around the office, head to the bathroom or the coffee machine every half hour, but there’s lots of times that’s not really feasible.


There’s definitely some simple things you can do without even leaving your desk!

With no ‘active-wear’ required 😉


If you want to get your hands on my favourite exercises to break up your day sitting

Enter your details below and I’ll shoot you a quick video demonstrating them.

The benefits will amaze you! Less pain, less stiffness, better posture, boosted concentration, improved metabolism for weight loss, better mood, better circulation… 👌

I could go on and on.


So your challenge this week is to BE DETERMINED to get up from your desk or do a couple of stretches or exercises as often as you can- ideally every half hour- and TAKE A STAND AGAINST SITTING DISEASE! 👍