Improving your comfort while you drive

How many of us are heading out on the open roads this holidays?

Keen for a few tips on improving your comfort while you drive?

Tip No 1… for the Driver!

Bring your car seat forward, as close as you can comfortably be.

Contrary to what you might think, this allow you to relax your back into your backrest and have your elbows comfortably bent without overstretching to the wheel!

Your back and neck will thankyou.

This might seem a little ‘too close for comfort’ at first, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

Tip No 2 for comfort on the road is for Drivers and Passengers alike!

You need to wiggle your butt right back in the seat
This keeps your posture in much better alignment, taking strain off your back, hips and legs.
Like with any sitting, if your ‘tail’ tucks under your postural muscles can’t work very well and there’s overload on your low back and hips.
Every half hour or so, do some pelvic tilting back and forth and side to side to move your back and hips while you sit, then wiggle your butt back in the seat again
Drivers, make sure you bring your seat forward first, or it’s not going to be comfy to wiggle your butt back!

Tip No 3 for improving driving/passenger comfort… Use your backrest! 

Lean your back into your backrest then bring your head back so it’s over your shoulders.

Use your headrest too if its comfy for you.

SO, you’ve brought your seat forwards (tip 1), wiggled your butt back in the seat (tip 2) and now leant back so your posture is WAAYYY better while you drive.
This means less load on your joints, so less discomfort- YAY

I touched on doing pelvic tilting exercises while you’re in the car to keep your low back and hips moving, and now let’s talk about my fave driving exercise… so you can switch on some great posture support muscles!

Whether you’re in the driver’s or the passenger’s seat, try this exercise 3-5 times, every 20-30 minutes.

With your butt right back in the seat and leaning back into your backrest, Place your hands on the steering wheel… where they ought to be if you’re driving… or on your thighs if you’re a passenger.

Next, draw your shoulders back and down a fraction, but only so you can comfortably keep them there without straining your back and neck. Now keep your shoulders perfectly still (holding them back and down a touch) while you press your hands either into the steering wheel or your thighs and hold for 10-15 seconds.

You should feel the muscles at the back of your shoulders and shoulder blades working, more than your chest and biceps.

Now move your hands to inside the rim of the steering wheel (if driving) or palms together (if passenger) and reset your shoulders back and down a little.

Holding the shoulders still again, push the backs of your hands outwards either into the inside of the rim or inner thighs to resist outwardly. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.

These exercises boost your postural muscles in your truck so you can take load off your joints and give them some support… Doing this regularly this eases discomfort, boosts your concentration and lessens stiffness when you get out of the car!

If you’re not sure about the exercise here’s a link to a video that’ll show you exactly what to do!