Inspire Workers to Better Health & Productivity at work- register for the FREE Challenge!

October is ‘Safe work month’, which provides a great opportunity to inspire and engage workers towards feeling and performing their best while at work.

Physiotherapist Kym Siddons (a.k.a the ‘Workstation Wellness Physio’) wants to help employers and their employees celebrate with a free ‘Workstation Workout 5-day challenge.’

The aim of the challenge is for workers to experience some of the quick, easy and effective steps they can take throughout their workday to create a powerful, positive impact on improving their health and wellbeing!

A recent study published by the Global Wellness Institute (2016) showed that workers are becoming increasingly unwell. Over half the workers studied were overweight or obese and 76% reported ‘struggling’ or even ‘suffering’ in their physical wellbeing. In addition to that one quarter felt actively disengaged in their workplace and nearly 40% suffered from excess pressure on the job.

That said, small initiatives can make a huge difference. For example, research by Prof Alan Hedge has also shown that just a couple of minutes of movement, done regularly throughout the workday, can break the cycle of poor metabolism that otherwise results in obesity and chronic illness from sitting.

Other studies have also demonstrated the positive benefits of specific exercises, posture correction, breathing techniques and educating workers in self-care strategies…

The resulting improvements in mental health, productivity, staff engagement and retention, absenteeism and injury rates are astounding.

You can register your business here

You can Register here if you’re an individual worker

The ‘Workstation Workout Challenge’ brings ‘self-care’ to the forefront of workers’ minds in short videos over 5 days.

Through practical ‘health hacks’, posture tips and targeted exercises, participants are empowered to spend a couple of minutes each day to focus on their health at work.

The ‘Workstation Workout’ Challenge will be delivered online, via daily emails. Businesses can register on behalf of their employees (for internal distribution) OR individual workers can register themselves.

There’s no complicated equipment, large spaces or active wear involved… it’s designed to be carried out within the worker’s workspace.

It just requires the worker to set aside a few minutes each day to watch the educational video and act on the small steps inside.

Each day sets a new ‘mini-challenge’ for workers to accept, demonstrating a simple exercise to practice and a new health tip to focus on.

Participants will be encouraged to take action while they watch and inspire others to do the same. In this way, they’ll experience the immediate and positive benefits on their comfort, productivity and mood.

Participants also have access to free ‘lunch ‘n learn’ workshops taking place in the private facebook group during the week of the challenge, where they can get more info about the exercise and health tips, ask any questions and receive encouragement and feedback from physio Kym Siddons.

Participation in the 5 day ‘Workstation Workout challenge’ is super simple:

  • Register here if you’re a business and for more information about the challenge visit here.
  • Register here if you’re an individual worker.
  • Look out for an email (from Kym Siddons Physio) confirming your place in the ‘Workstation Workout Challenge’. It will contain a brief video- introducing the Challenge + it’s aims and what’s involved. E.g. setting aside a few mins a day to take part. Kym will help you set some goals if you’re keen.
  • Open the ‘Workstation Workout Challenge’ email each morning for the 5 days and be ready to take action!
  • After 5 days of taking small steps towards improving workers’ health throughout their workday it’s be great to keep the momentum rolling!

By reflecting on the things that worked best for each worker and the goals they achieved, then looking forwards to consider how to some of these simple steps can be continually reinforced, businesses and their workers will be on their way to supporting healthy habits and a healthy work culture.

Ultimately, each worker wants to feel empowered to be the happiest and healthiest and version of themselves… both at work and at home.

Email directly if you’d like your workplace to take up the challenge any time of the year!