Is Slouching REALLY that Bad for you?

I’ve recently been talking about the essential 3 steps to sitting with a healthy posture in your chair… and I could hear some of you thinking…


‘What’s REALLY so bad about slouching in your chair?


Remember I explained that slouching causes your tail to tuck under, your trunk to flex forwards and your head and neck to poke forwards, like the picture above, but what are the consequences for this?


So here’s the 3 biggest problems with slouching


  • Spending time with your tail tucked under, your trunk flexed and your chin forwards compromises the ability of the discs in your spine to absorb and distribute load properly. This means huge increases of pressure, and also uneven pressure on the disc’s structure, it can start to deteriorate and lose integrity. This can lead to pain and back injuries like bulging discs.


  • The ‘C-Curve’ position also puts extra strain on your spinal ligaments and they can become a source of pain. Bend one of your fingers right back and feel the stretch at the end… If you hold it for a while it’s not very comfortable and puts strain on the ligaments (and tendons). Slouching in your chair does the same thing and while we might not feel our ligaments shouting out to us in pain at the time, the prolonged stress adds up to cause stiffness and soreness, and eventually distortions in our posture that become increasingly difficult to reverse.


  • Our poor postural muscles, or ‘core muscles’ are put at a huge disadvantage when we slouch. Our muscle system is designed amazingly so that we can balance our spine in it’s lovely ‘S Curve’ ,but that’s all tipped off kilter when we sit poorly. When we’re in a ‘C Curve’ we’re at the mercy of the force of gravity, which tends to sink us lower and make it even more difficult for our posture powerhouse muscles to work. The result is tightness and overactivity in the flexor muscles at the front, and pain and weakness in the lengthened muscles at the back.


You might have become conscious while reading this about sitting better in your chair, but if you notice how your shoulders are right now… are they sinking forwards and down a little? Can you feel the weight of them hanging off the base of your neck?


Now wiggle back in your chair, lean back against your backrest, bring the weight of your head back over your shoulders and feel the difference!


Your challenge this week is to keep catching yourself out and correct your posture so you spend more time lessening the load on your spine! Your body will thank you!

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