Is your Chair good for you? Does it adjust to suit you and your Posture?

This month, we’re looking at our chairs, to see if they ‘fill the bill’ in terms of comfort and adjustability.


Last week we looked at whether your chair was height adjustable.👍


How did your chair go? Did it fit the bill?


The next most important thing to check is whether your chair adjusts to suit you and your posture.


One feature that’s really important to this equation is another lever…


Does your chair have a recline lever, that allows you to tilt the backrest back a bit? 🤔


Being able to recline your backrest is really important.


Experts now realise it’s much better to have your backrest slightly reclined so you are more likely to use your backrest as it’s intended- to ‘Rest your back’!


A bolt upright chair doesn’t help you lean back on your backrest..

So see if you’ve got a recline lever and try it out!


Ideally, you should recline your chair between about 10 and 20 degrees, which ever feels more comfortable for you…


How does it feel? Good, Huh!👌


Yours might be linked to the tilt on your seat pan- the part that you sit on…

so you might need to play around with what suits you.


So, this week’s challenge is to re-assess your backrest.


Then find a position of recline that suits you!


And, you know the drill… lean back on it!


If your chair doesn’t have a recline lever that works well for you, checkout this one