My Top 3 Posture No-No’s

Let’s face it, we’re ALL guilty at some point of my TOP 3 POSTURE NO-NO’s 

Let me know below which one you catch yourself doing most often…

1) perching on the edge of your seat
2) crossing your legs
3) slumping over your device

… and Yes there’s an ‘All of the Above’ option

So lets’s explore more about these self-destructive postures this week…

1. Perching on the edge of your chair is such a bad habit!

This puts your spine in a c-curve, with your tailbone tucked under…
making it pretty much impossible to sit with good posture and putting loads of strain on your back and neck!
Do yourself a favour and wiggle that butt back in your chair!

2. I often get asked what’s so bad about crossing your legs when sitting?

… Your tailbone tucks unders so you can’t help but slouch, your leg circulation is often compromised and your hips are in a position that can cause pain and injury.
IS that a good enough reason to wiggle your butt back in the chair and put your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest?

3. Lastly, Slumping over your device!

Are you guilty of that one?

I know I am … but I’m definitely becoming more mindful and improving at this!
The weight of your head puts ridiculous load on your neck when you’re looking down at your smartphone so try really hard to raise your phone/tablet etc as close as possible to eye level, rest back on a backrest when you can and look up as often as you can!

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So your challenge this week is to catch yourself out sitting sitting on the edge of your chair, cross legged or slumping over your device and make a posture change!

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