Need a holiday? Here’s how to take a mini-break without leaving your office

I hate to rub it in, but I’m on holidays with my family at the moment.. Yay! 🏖

It’s been a year since we had more than a few days off together so I’m super grateful for a couple of weeks break.

That’s likely not the case for you- sorry!

So try these 4 Steps to help you de-stress whatever you’re doing and wherever you are…👌

They use breathing to help you feel many of the benefits of taking a break.
Step 1) Sit with your bottom back in chair, resting back on your backrest, or stand comfortably with equal weight on both feet. You can rest back against a wall if you like.

Step 2) If you have a window nearby to look out of towards some natural light do that, otherwise gently close your eyes.

Step 3) Focus on breathing deeply, right down into the bottom of your lungs. You want to feel your ribs expanding outwards as they fill with air and your belly will likely move too (rather than your chest just lifting upwards- that tightens up your neck muscles)

Step 4) Breath at least 4 times as you let the tension go from your neck and shoulders, back and legs to unwind your mind!

Feeling RELAXED?

See how you can easily try this breathing technique wherever you are and whatever you’re doing?
​In fact, some research suggests you should try and do it as often as possible, but aim for at least 4 times a day.
Now, if you just can’t stop what you’re doing, even taking a few deep breaths can help you re-set and let go of some tension. Then re-position yourself in a better posture and notice how much better your focus is on the task at hand.

So, your challenge for this week is..
​anytime you feel like you need a holiday, just take a few purposeful deep breaths and re-set yourself! ☺

If you’d like more exercises to lessen the strain on your body without leaving your desk, just fill out the form below and I’ll send them to you!