New evidence that Exercise Boosts our Brainpower!

New research has unlocked another piece in the puzzle of how exercise improves our brain function.

A discovery has identified what triggers the brain to boost brain function through exercise.

Many of us will be familiar with the ‘post-exercise high’ that is often what motivates us to get our joggers on in the first place. We can always look forward to feeling more awake and ‘alive’ post-workout, even if we are physically exhausted!

The Hippocampus is an important area of our brain for memory and learning. When we exercise, stem cells in this region multiply to form new nerve cells (neurons) which leads to improvements in learning and memory.

And now we know more about how…

A collaboration of researchers from the University of Queensland, the QLD Brian Institute and the Dresden Univeristy of Technology have found that the reason is related to changes in blood composition when we exercise. Specifically, our blood platelets cause the neural stem cells to multiply and develping into neurons during running.

This may have important ramifications for improving memory and exercise.

You can check out the media article on this important discovery here

I also filmed this Brain boosting Exercise video for you this week.

It’s a fun way to get your groove on and inject some energy into your workday…

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You can watch the quick and easy desk- exercise here

Fun and Energising Desk Exercise

Kickoff your week with this fab #deskexercise and beat the Monday blues!You could even crank some ‘Saturday night fever’ tunes for your colleagues and help boost everyone’s energy levels, especially mid arvo 🕺👌😁#mondaymotivation #exercise #workplacehealth #healthyhabits #mentalhealth

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