Online Shopping these holidays? Some Device Advice for you…

What an amazing year that has so quickly come to an end!

Have you paused to reflect on all the great things you achieved in 2018?

So many times, we measure ourselves by what we have failed to achieve…

And not stopped to credit ourselves with what we have cause to celebrate about!

The things we can be grateful for and the steps, however small, we have made towards a better life for ourselves and others.

So, my friend, however far you think you haven’t come, or however many things you haven’t ticked off your list in 2018…

I challenge you to think of 5 things (And I bet once you start you’ll think of 10, 20, even more!) you have to be thankful that you did or that you helped someone else do this year.

And celebrate those things!

Give yourself a pat on the back and slowly exhale, truly recognising that you are an amazing person who has made a positive impact in the lives of others.

I am so happy that you’ve become part of my ‘Workstation Wellness’ family and want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and many blessing for the coming year!

And, because I’m so grateful to have you in my community, I’m gifting you with a little tip this holiday season…

It relates to how you spend your time on your smartphone or tablet over the holidays!

It’s some ‘Device Advice’ for you!

If you’re gearing up for some online shopping come boxing day, or just checking in with social media a bit more than usual…

It’s really likely that you’ll end up with a bit of a pain in the neck!

So my tip for you, your family and your friends is you raise your device as often as you can!

If you’re on your phone, bring your phone up as close as you can to your face.

This way you don’t have to look down so far and risk straining your neck!

If you’re texting or emailing, try and use both hands when you can-

Lock your elbows into your sides and bend your elbows up so your phone is closer to your face and use both thumbs to ‘type’.

If you’re using a tablet, try raising it on a recipe or tablet holder, or even on a stack of books!

Raising your device can take a whole heap of strain off your neck, back and shoulders, so keep reminding yourself and others!

Do we tend to forget at times- heck yes!

Does that mean we shouldn’t try and change our habits for the better?

No way!

The more time we spend looking after our spine and posture, the less time we spend straining it and adding cumulative load to our joints, ligaments and muscles.

Trust me, your body will thankyou for it!

So, this week you’ve got a couple of challenges…

  1. Give yourself credit for all the great things you’ve done or contributed to this year
  • Take my ‘Device Advice’ and raise your smartphone or tablet while you use it!

I’d love to hear about your greatest achievement/s from the year, and how you go with your ‘Device Advice’ challenge!

Please email me and let me know at

I truly appreciate having you in my community and I hope you’re as excited as me to continue on our Wellness journey together next year!

I’ve got some great things planned for you, your workplace and your families in 2019, so stay tuned!