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Free Resistance Band Exercise video…

If you sit at a desk /computer a lot and would like to know

  • How to combat aches in your neck, shoulders, back or hips
  • The best exercises to improve your posture, strength and flexibility
  • How to get your desk setup right to avoid pain and strain
  • The most effective ways to boost concentration and metabolism

…I’d love to help you!

If you look after Employees and would like to

  • Maximise staff performance and improve comfort at their desk
  • Receive Ergonomic Advice to reduce workplace injury rates
  • Provide Wellness Education in your workplace to minimise absenteeism
  • Foster healthy workplace habits and culture

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Workstation Workouts

Workstation Workouts unlock the little known secret to better health… all without working up a sweat or spending hours at the gym!

They are 2 minute exercise programs specifically designed to help people who spend much of their time at a desk or on a device- in an office, at home, at school or on the go- to fast-track towards wellness.

Imagine if you could…

  • Increase your strength and flexibility to reduce pain
  • Improve your posture to boost your confidence
  • Easily find time to exercise and boost fat burning capacity (metabolism) to stimulate weight loss
  • Improve concentration and mood to skyrocket your performance
  • Instil healthy work habits to offset the side effects of sitting and screen-time

… all while you’re at work or at home???

Corporate Wellness

Do you own or work in a business?

At Kym Siddons Physio we love working with companies and their staff to achieve wellness at work.

Our goal is to

  • Maximise staff performance
  • Minimise workplace injury

Our Services include

  • Ergonomic assessments, both on-site and ‘virtual’
  • Comprehensive ergonomic reports and recommendations
  • Employee Education regarding good ergonomics and postural habits
  • Injury prevention and exercise programs
  • Ergonomic furniture recommendations and supply

Achieve best results with our dynamic presentations, workshops and follow up programs

  • Empower staff in how, when and why to move at work, which boosts their concentration and motivation…
  • Workstation Workout exercise programs help employees gain the strength and flexibility they need to power through each day
  • Educate staff in best use of the ergonomic furniture/accessories you’ve provided to get the greatest return on your investment in equipment