Relieve Neck, Back and Shoulder tension with this Quick Tip

Take tension off your Neck, Back and Shoulders with this quick tip

I often prescribe my clients the ‘Smiling Collar-bones’ exercise that gives them a quick and easy way to improve their posture and take tension off their neck, shoulders and upper back.

It’s also one of my favourite ways of explaining healthy posture habits for your head, neck and shoulders and clients can’t believe how easy it is to remember… so they do it more often!

The other thing is, your don’t have to even leave your chair to do it! Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can ‘Smile’ your collarbones and feel the difference in your body!

That’s a win-win all round!

This week saw us celebrating April Fool’s Day… and National ‘Smile Day’ in Australia. So I thought I’d bring a smile to your dial and share this awesome exercise with you…


Instead of writing it step by step, I’ve made a short video so you can see and hear exactly how to do it.

Just click here, or on the picture below, to get the low down!

Video to Improve posture and take tension off Back, neck and shoulders

Be sure to let me know if this tip makes you smile!

If it helps you, please spread the love and share it with others who might benefit.

So have a great week and keep smiling 🙂