So… How are you, REALLY?

Tuesday just gone was ‘Wear White to Work Day’, to show our support for those suffering mental illness and their families.

I’m certainly not an expert in mental health, but I’ve sure been touched by mental illness and the toll it takes on it’s victims and their loved ones.

Chances are that you have been too.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 of us will experience some sort of mental ill-health throughout the year.

That’s a whole lots of people and a whole lot of sadness.😞

You’d be surprised how good many people become at pushing on, putting on a brave face, and not giving away much of the despair, isolation and fragility they’re feeling.

Sometimes those people are just tired or burnt out.
Sometimes they’re just having a bad day.
But sometimes they’re just hanging on, while we are quite unaware.

Maybe you’ve even been in that place..​​

It’s no co-incidence that many times a ‘physio session’ end up being more a ‘counselling session’..
​and it’s mainly because I am in the fortunate position to spend real quality time with those people.

I’m just listening to their worries and fears without judgement.

And yes, I’m qualified to give advice to navigate through their injury or point them in the right direction for further medical attention…

BUT it’s the ‘taking time and listening’ that matters.

Now mental ill-health is a complex issue, but the GOOD NEWS is…

We don’t all have to be social workers, psychologists or health practitioners to make a positive impact on someone’s day!

I was listening to a speaker on mental health and resilience the other day and she spoke about how important it is to…

“Listen with the intent to understand- not with the intent to provide or workout a solution. That’s the key to truly supporting someone”.

So it’s ok not to know what to say, not to have ‘the answer’. 😶

Just being with them and saying nothing might be just what that person needs.

So, this week my challenge is a bit different…

Firstly, I’m asking you ‘How are you really going’ and I’m totally here for you, ready to listen to your answer if you contact me via the link in the ‘contact’ page.

Secondly, I challenge you to ask someone– a colleague, a friend, a family member-  how they’re ‘really going’, then stop and take the time to listen. 😌

That alone might brighten their day, even their week.
It might encourage them, give them hope and show you’re there for support should they need it.

For more information visit the beyondblue website
Enjoy spending a little time showing someone you truly care how they’re going this week 😊​