Kym Siddons is an accomplished speaker, presenter and author.

She loves to inspire groups of workers, students or conference delegates with targeted stretches and exercises to help them feel instantly amazing and practical ways to boost their productivity, posture and energy levels.

Kym has co-authored the book ‘Out of my Comfort Zone: Stories of Courage, Perseverance and Victory’. The book offers a powerful look at the stories and struggles of female entrepreneurs and their rise to success. Read the stories of how they stepped out of their comfort zone to become the successful business women they were meant to be.


'Brain-Boosting (movement) Breaks'

Keep your delegates engaged and inspired at your next conference or seminar with regular ‘brain & body-boosting (movement) breaks’.

We’ve all been in conferences and meetings where we’re nodding off or getting distracted by feeling uncomfortable in our seat as we stiffen up… Kym loves to make your conference, seminar or meeting memorable for all the right reasons!

Her great stretches and exercises keep stiffness and soreness at bay and their energy and engagement levels high as your delegates unwind their tight muscles, re-invigorate and get essential ‘anti-slouching’ muscles firing.

They will appreciate learning some practical, life-long strategies to sprinkle more movement into their day both during the sessions and when they head back to work.

No active-wear is required, in fact delegates don’t necessarily need to get out of their chair to participate!

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Conference Movement break with Kym Siddons


Kym's mission is empowering others

to feel their absolute best, reach their potential and live their most fulfilling lives. She is always up for a ‘good chat’ and loves talking all things ‘Physical Resilience’, Exercise and self-care.

Having over 20years experience as an elite sports physiotherapist, and more recently as an occupational health physiotherapist, Kym is happy to give away her secrets to ditching strain & pain and improving posture and performance.

She’s also a co-author of the book ‘Out of my Comfort Zone’; stories of courage, perseverance and victory.

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Keynote speaking & plenary address

Boost the energy levels and engagement of your audience with one of Kym’s interactive presentations.

She brings warmth and enthusiasm to all her talks and workshops, and loves to motivate people with practical strategies to create meaningful change in their lives. 

In an age where we’re sitting more and often spending our work, study and downtime hunched over electronic devices, Kym particularly loves creating awareness around the importance of developing greater ‘Physical Resilience’. 

Creating healthy work, study and social habits can be easier than you think, and your body will instantly reap the rewards!


Kym also enjoys inspiring her audience with stories of pushing through adversity with courage, perseverance towards victory, as evident in her newly published book “Out of my Comfort Zone”.

Team & Staff Retreats

Staff retreats (in-house or off-site) also offer a great opportunity to invest in your team’s wellbeing, help them develop a great self-care routine to unwind their tense muscles and build team-work.

Even an ‘hour of unwinding’ can offer huge benefits, and a half-day or full-day retreat can reap lasting rewards for your team.

Ask Kym about tailoring an in-house or off-site retreat package for your team.

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