Stiff and Sore from Shivering? Stretches and Exercises to Unwind your shrugged up shoulders

Stiff and Sore from Shivering? Stretches and Exercises to Unwind your shrugged up shouldersespecially while you learn or work from home 

In winter time many of us find our shoulders shrugged up around our ears and our back hunched as we brace against the cold. 

While shivering is our body’s natural response to help keep us warm, and in fact it even helps boost our metabolism- it thrusts us into a poor posture. 

This Winter Warming, 2 Minute ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ break will help! 

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We might not even notice our shrugged up slouch until we feel the strain creeping into our body; and our back, neck and shoulders start aching. 

 I’ve seen many people- students and workers alike- complaining of stiff and sore muscles this winter… 

It’s made even worse during times of self-isolation where we’re learning or working from home… our general daily activity levels drop as we’re not moving our bodies as much throughout the day. 


So try these stretches and exercisesmy winter warming ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ break- as often as you can to loosen up tight muscles and ease muscle tension. 


You might do them half hourly (best) or hourly, and feel the difference as you stretch any stiffness away. 

They’ll help you combat the cold by switching on your anti-slouching, pain relieving muscles! 

Plus they’ll help you improve your posture and reduce stiffness while you sit. 

You can even take things up a notch by getting up from your chair and giving your body a decent  break from sitting by doing them in standing. 

If you’re learning or working from home share these tips with others to spread the good news about how a little movement can brighten your day! 

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Stay warm and well


Physio Kym (Siddons) 


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