This Simple Tip can Fix your Rounded Shoulders

Have you noticed you’ve got rounded shoulders? 

Or concerned you might develop rounded shoulders?🤔


Let’s face it, most of us who sit at a computer or desk a lot, even with best intentions, spend a little time slumped, with rounded shoulders…😟


Is that harmful, you ask?


Well, having rounded shoulders puts heaps more load on your neck, shoulders and upper back…


That puts you in a poor posture that increases your risk of pain, stiffness, headaches, injury, limited breathing.. I could go on. Ahhh!😫


I’ve got a little tried and tested tip that helps my clients put their shoulders in a much better position to reverse that rounded-ness.. YAY!


Ever walked past someone you sort of recognise and half smiled?

Just a little smile that says ‘hi’ but isn’t a full-on grin…

You know what I mean.


Well, here’s how thinking about that ‘Smile’ can help correct your rounded shoulders, so be sure to give it a try…🙂


1) Feel the two bony bumps at the base of neck (in the middle). That’s the bottom end of your collar bones.


2) Now trace those collar bones up and outwards to the tip of your shoulder.

Together they form a ‘V’ shape that you can think of as a mouth.


3) Sitting in a nice upright posture, either sitting or standing, gently ‘smile’ your collar bones and notice how they slightly widen upwards and outwards.


4) Try again, a small ‘smile’ of those collar bones and notice how your shoulders move into a better, ‘anti-rounded’, position.


5) Now try another time and hold it there, ten seconds is a good start to kick the right posture muscles into action.👌


Your challenge this week..

Try doing this at least 3 times every half hour – holding 10 seconds if you can- to improve your posture and help prevent pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulders and upper back👍


And if you’d like the next progression of exercises to improve your posture at your desk, and kick stiffness and soreness goodbye, signup for my FREE VIDEO below 😃