Top Tip to take Strain off your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Having the weight of your head forwards relative to your shoulders puts so much strain on your neck, upper back and shoulders.


Often called ‘Forward Head Posture’ or ‘Poke Chin Posture’ this position alone is responsible to a large proportion of problems I see in people who sit at a desk.


But you might be totally unaware that you’re doing it!😳


It’s one thing we’re all probably guilty of throughout our day, but the side-effects can be devastating…


There’s a particular way you can check if the weight of your head is forwards, which I explain in the training I did yesterday in my free Facebook Group… you can grab it HERE.


It’s relatively simple to correct, but done the wrong way, you can easily end up in more trouble than before! So I show you the best way to do it in this video!


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So, your Challenge this week is to watch the video then make sure you’re keeping your head and neck position ‘front of mind’ this week!


The more you try to position your head well over your shoulders, the better you’ll feel and the better your posture will be!


Once you’ve got it down pat, try holding for longer 👍

Your neck, back and shoulders will thank you very much!


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