Wanna Know the #1 PRINCIPLE you MUST FOLLOW to improve your Health and Safety at work?

Guess what?
It’s ‘World Health and Safety Day at Work’ this Saturday. 🎉🎉
OK, so we’re not all ‘Health and Safety’ officers or wearing ‘Hi Vis’ gear at work…
But we ALL need to some responsibility for our own health and wellness during (and outside of) work hours..
… For our own benefit 🙂
Whether you spend your day sitting at a desk
OR are on your feet all day
OR drive a lot
OR do lots of manual labour
OR repetitive tasks
OR a combination of all the above
… there’s risk involved in all occupations!
If we sit all day, our metabolism slows and we get stiff and sore (and risk Chronic disease).
IF we stand all day our circulation can get sluggish, our veins distended and back and legs tire under the load.
If we bend and twist a lot, the torsion through our spine and hips is hard to cope with. This often results in injury…
You see my point?
There’s no one occupation that is ‘Risk free’ and guarantees our body won’t suffer.
Yes, ‘health and safety’ at work is all about minimising risk of injury.
It’s also about maximising our physical and mental wellbeing!
That’s where you come in…

Here’s how you can take responsibility for improving your body’s health while you work!
No matter what line of work you’re in there’s ONE IMPORTANT STEP you can take.
It will help future-proof your body from injury and illness.
 The #1 PRINCIPLE is to regularly CHANGE UP OUR POSTURE.
· If you sit most of the day, make sure you move or stand for 2 minutes every half hour. This will wake up your metabolism and boost your posture muscles
· If you are on your feet most of the day, make sure you sit whenever you can (eg meal breaks). This will take the load off your back, legs and circulation.
· If you twist and bend a lot, make sure you stretch in the opposite direction every 20-30 minutes. You should also switch on your ‘core muscles’ often. This helps take strain off your spine. PLUS, be familiar with good bending technique
· If you perform repetitive tasks, try and find ways to switch sides (safely) as often as you can. This gives your muscles a break. Plus, get some good ergonomic advice to lighten the load on your muscles, ligaments and joints 😉
Changing up your posture throughout the day does take a little concentration and concerted effort…
BUT it’s well worth it!
At best these small changes could add years and quality to your life!
At worst they will lessen potential pain, strain and ill-health from work.
So that’s your challenge this week…
Identify the thing about your work that puts your body under the most strain.
Sitting? Standing? Bending? Lifting? Something else?
Now pledge to change up your posture for a couple of minutes every half hour or so.
If you’d like to get some ideas of things to do to improve your posture, strength and flexibility without even leaving your desk, enter your details below and I’ll shoot you through my FREE video.