What should your teens know about Posture, Pain, Exercise & Ergonomics?

“I started using my phone better so my neck and shoulders don’t get sore”
(Quote, ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ Program school student)

What should your teens know about Posture, Pain, Exercise & Ergonomics?

Empowering students with information and practical advice to enable them to make healthy life choices is something I feel very strongly about…

I don’t believe our next generation should have to wait until they’re employed in an office that offers ergonomic assessments, posture checks and lunchtime pilates classes to experience the difference simple self-care strategies can make.

I can tell you from working with thousands of students, parents and educators that kids, teens and young adults are feeling the strain NOW!

They’re also keen to know how to help themselves NOW!

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What should your teens know about Posture, Pain, Exercise & Ergonomics?

I’ve been running ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ workshops in Primary and High schools the past couple of years, to equip and empower students with the expert advice and discussions on

  • exercises to switch on their ‘anti-slouching muscles’
  • stretches to unwind tight muscles
  • Posture tips so they understand how to sit better to avoid back/ neck strain
  • Movement breaks to boost their brainpower and metabolism
  • Device advice to avoid ‘tech neck’, other strain- induced issues and healthy boundaries for using devices in their downtime.
  • Setting up their desks ergonomically to reduce strain and improve productivity

… among other simple strategies to develop self-care habits early!

I’ve been so encouraged by the enthusiasm and positive feedback from students, teachers and parents that I’m going to bundle up this goodness for as many students, teachers and families as possible.

Yes, the program will be going online as ‘Be Fit 4 Study’


As I put together these online workshops, I’d love to know what burning questions you’d like answered and which topics you’d most like me to cover?

This program aims to encourage high school students with practical strategies to help them

  • Improve their posture and confidence
  • Relieve tight muscles and tension
  • Skyrocket their concentration and retention
  • Setup their learning/ study areas for less strain and more success
  • Boost energy levels and lift their mood

Students and parents will be able to access short videos, practical activities and get quick and easy strategies to help feel and function your best at your desk…

Plus plenty of support and loads of encouragement from me along the way!

That means ditching strain and pain, reducing fatigue and drain, while you have fun finding out what makes your body feel great and perform better!

Please comment below, send me a private message or email me at kym@kymsiddonsphysio.com.au so I can find out what you’re most interested in!

You can also join the waitlist and be notified when it’s ready (September)

I’m currently taking on new schools to enjoy the ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ Program with their staff and students next year, so if your school community might benefit feel free to put me in touch with your school wellbeing officer.

Stay warm and well,

Physio Kym (Siddons)