Who’s SICK of SITTING at their desk all day?


But guess what? I’ve got the cure!

My new desktop sit-stand desk arrived a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been test-driving it and I’m lovin it 🙂

And yeah, I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t have to sit anywhere near as much of the day as many of you- I get to break up my week so I have days on my feet in the clinic- but when I’m doing my consulting work and writing all the content for my course and things like this blog… I suffer just like the rest of you if I don’t keep moving regularly.

I have certainly come up with loads of ways to take the ‘pain in the neck’ out of sitting at your desk all day WITHOUT using a sit-stand desk, but it’s a WHOLE LOT EASIER to break up the grind of sitting and be more active when I can just push a button and Walah! I’m on my feet, switching on all my good posture muscles and still keeping my mind on my job!

I’ve put a fair amount of time and research into the sit-stand desk that you can just plonk on top of whatever furniture you’ve got… cos, let’s face it, most of us don’t have the luxury of endless space or $$$ for a whole new electric stand-capable desk…

And I’ve decided that this Aussie developed, sturdy-as, value for money, TOUCH-BUTTON up-down desk is THE BOMB!!!

And one of the reasons I’m writing about it this week is cos the PRICE IS ABOUT TO GO UP!!! Come March 1st, suppliers are putting the price up, so I wanted you to get in first if you’ve been umming and ahhing about getting a sit-stand desk!

If you’re wanting to snatch one up before the price rise, head to https://kymsiddonsphysio.com.au/shop/ and look for the Standesk.

I’ve been super impressed with having one of these babies in my home office… I not only assembled it easily (with my husband, it definitely is a two-person job) but changing from sitting to standing is a breeze!

Because, that’s the KEY! You MUST be able to regularly change it up from sitting to standing for your stand-capable desk to bring you the best results.

While research shows that standing is far better for switching on your posture muscles to reduce pain and stiffness, plus for boosting your metabolism and energy, it also shows that long periods of standing isn’t great for you either.

The BEST way to use a sit-stand desk is to alternate between sitting and standing often!

How often? That depends on you and your tolerance for standing comfortably.

Start with short periods and just build up as you feel comfortable.

As soon as you notice you’re sinking into one hip more than the other, or struggling to stand with your weight evenly between both feet you have a couple of options…

  • You can try a few exercises, like mini lunges/ squats, which are so easy to do when you’re standing.
  • Or you can put one foot up on a footrest/ream of A4 paper or similar under your desk to distribute your weight between front and back legs.
  • Or you can just sit down again for a while!

Easy Peasy!

So, if you’re wanting to invest in a desktop sit-stand desk like the Standesk , now’s the time to do it!

You won’t look back!