Work on a laptop often? Here’s 2 Things you MUST KNOW

Working on a laptop is particularly grueling and here’s why..

The screen is attached to your keyboard 😧

Well doh, I hear you say, isn’t that the whole point?

To make your workstation portable?

Well yes, but ergonomically speaking, this is totally setting you up for failure… unless you take two CRITICAL STEPS.

I’ll explain why…

When you use your laptop’s inbuilt keyboard and mouse, you’re inevitably looking down at your screen.

You might already know that looking down at your screen ruins your neck, shoulders, upper back? It also sets you up for postural disaster!😳

But if you raise your screen to take the strain off your neck and back, your arms and wrists end up in a terrible position for typing. 😨


Want to know the 2 CRITICAL STEPS to using your laptop without putting strain on your body?

1) Find a separate keyboard and mouse you can connect either via USB or Bluetooth

2) Raise your Screen by propping up your laptop up on some books, folders or on my favourite (can’t live without!) portable laptop raiser (You can take a look at it here).


The key to using your laptop- without destroying your posture and suffering strain and pain- is to separate your Keyboard from your Screen.

That way, you can type at desk/ table height and have your screen about eye level.

Yippee! Ergonomically friendly laptop use.👍

PS. Do try and sit in the best chair you can find so your elbows are about table height when sitting properly in your chair.

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