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Workstation Workout 28 Day (online) Challenge

Launching January 2018

In the Workstation Workout 28 Day Challenge you learn to

  • Improve your posture and take load off your aching muscles
  • Improve your flexibility to reduce stiffness
  • target specific postural muscles to improve your strength
  • Use good ergonomic principles to setup your workstation/desk
  • Effortlessly fit mini exercise sessions (workstation workouts) into your day to exercise the best way for better health at your desk
  • Start creating and sticking to healthy work habits to improve your wellness
  • Recognise the side effects of sitting and screen time so you can avoid the nasty symptoms
  • Stimulate your brain to improve your concentration and mental health
  • Learn how to best use the ergonomic equipment you have or gather the best ergonomic furniture/accessories for your budget

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Corporate Health Programs

Ergonomic Assessments and Reports

Ergonomic assessment services can include:

  • -On-site or ‘virtual’ workstation assessments
  • – Complete office ergonomic assessments
  • – Comprehensive workstation and workplace reports with clear recommendations
  • – Recommendations for appropriate ergonomic equipment if required
  • – Follow up with implementation of ergonomic changes where required
  • – Education of staff regarding good postural habits, appropriate exercises, best use of their ergonomic equipment (Eg office chairs, standing desks)
  • Individual consultations regarding injury prevention and pain management

Workstation Workshops/ Exercise Sessions

  • Mini exercise sessions and ‘Workstation Workout’ programs tailored to your business’s and employees’ needs.
  • Equip staff with the ‘know how’ to strengthen the right muscles, move the right joints and stimulate the best parts of their brain to maximise performance and minimise injury.

Workplace Wellness Presentations

  • Inspire staff to take up the challenge to move regularly at work
  • Topics covered may include the serious health implications of being sedentary at a desk, how to avoid them and how to maximise their wellness at work
  • Educating staff in how to get the best out of their workstation, by doing simple things well and regularly, ensures the best return on your ergonomic investment!

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