Corporate Wellness

At Kym Siddons Physio we’re all about Maximising Performance and Minimising Injury. We understand that your employees are one of your company’s greatest resources… Instilling a culture of wellness is proven to create a positive environment that encourages staff to reach their potential and maximise their performance.

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Services Offered

Ergonomic Assessments/ Reports

Having a workplace evaluation done to see how the physical setup of your office space and workstations meets ergonomic guidelines is a great place to start.

Providing the most appropriate equipment for staff to use creates a good platform for healthy posture habits and minimising workplace strains/injuries.

Ergonomic assessment services can include:

  • On-site or ‘virtual’ workstation assessments
  • Complete office ergonomic assessments
  • Comprehensive workstation and workplace reports with clear recommendations
  • Recommendations for appropriate ergonomic equipment if required
  • Follow up with the implementation of ergonomic changes where required
  • Education of staff regarding good postural habits, appropriate exercises, best use of their ergonomic equipment (Eg office chairs, standing desks)
  • Individual consultations regarding injury prevention and pain management

Workplace Presentations and Workshops

A fantastic way to motivate your staff to wellness is through workshops and presentations. Kym is a seasoned presenter who enjoys empowering employees towards health through appropriate education and exercise.

In as little as one lunchtime session your staff can be inspired to take up the challenge to move regularly at work. Topics covered may include the serious health implications of being sedentary at a desk and how to avoid them. Educating staff on how to get the best out of their workstation, by doing simple things well and regularly, ensures the best return on your ergonomic investment!

Mini exercise sessions and ‘Workstation Workout’ programs can be tailored to your business’s and employees’ needs.

Kym’s expertise lies in equipping staff with the ‘know-how’ to strengthen the right muscles, move the right joints and stimulate the best parts of their brain to maximise performance and minimise injury! Many clients report great improvements in pain levels, strength and flexibility, concentration, energy and mental health from implementing the things they’ve learned.

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Manual Handling Problem- solving & Training

We love helping you and your employees find ways to do things better- to reduce load on their bodies and use the right equipment to help prevent injury to themselves and others.

Help make your workplace culture one that values self-care, engagement and productivity, with low injury and illness rates… a healthy workplace that is the workplace of choice for you and your team!


Workshops and Presentations may take place

  • on-site (Eg at your office)
  • a location of your choice
  • via virtual interaction in a webinar/skype session.


  • As short as a one hour lunch break
  • Series of lunch-break sessions
  • Half day
  • Full day (On-site only)

… whatever works best to achieve your goals!

Group Size?

  • No group is too large or too small!

Workshops and presentations are always tailored to your unique business needs and may include:

  • Group Exercise sessions
  • Avoiding the serious side-effects of sitting
  • Mobile devices- how to maintain healthy postures and habits on laptops, tablets and smartphone
  • Minimising the negative side-effects of prolonged screen time
  • Boosting concentration and mood by incorporating regular movement into your work
  • Education about healthy posture and exercise habits
  • Education for best use of office equipment
  • Preventing and dealing with pain and/or stiffness at work


Our services and workshops are very competitively priced- we want to encourage you to reap a great return on your investment into your own and your workers’ health and wellbeing! 

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Ergonomic Equipment Supply?

We can help you meet your ergonomic needs by supplying cost-effective, sturdy equipment.

Some examples are listed in the shop page but be sure to email for your specific equipment needs

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