Workstation Workout Programs

Are you…

  • Feeling stiff and sore from sitting at a desk?
  • Worried about poor posture?
  • Experiencing pain or headaches towards the end of the day?
  • Feeling guilty about having little time to exercise?
  • Struggling to reach your weight-loss goals?
  • Lacking energy in the afternoon and struggling to concentrate
  • Concerned about how detrimental excessive screen time is for you and your kids?
  • Worried about the serious side-effects of sitting?

Evidence shows that 2 minutes of movement, done every half hour while you sit, can offset the serious side-effects of sitting.

Taking this on board, physiotherapist Kym Siddons has designed specific 2 minute exercise programs called ‘Workstation Workouts’ that can be done at your desk. These programs help people who spend much of their time at a desk or on a device- in an office, at home, school or on the go- fast track towards wellness.

Workstation Workouts are designed to be done throughout your day, to

  • Exercise specific postural muscles to reduce pain and take strain off your joints
  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Gain strength and endurance for energy through your day
  • Boost metabolism to facilitate weight loss
  • Stimulate the brain to improve mood, motivation and concentration
  • Educate you about healthy ergonomics and good workstation habits

… all without working up a sweat or spending hours at the gym!

Used with the postural know-how and ergonomic changes learned in the Workstation Workout programs, regular ‘Workstation Workouts’ help you gain the strength and endurance you need for health in your work, study and play.

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In the Workstation Workout 28 Day Challenge you learn to

  • Improve your posture and take load off your aching muscles
  • Improve your flexibility to reduce stiffness
  • Target specific postural muscles to improve your strength and endurance
  • Use good ergonomic principles to setup your workstation/desk
  • Effortlessly fit mini exercise sessions (workstation workouts) into your day, so you exercise the best way for better health at your desk
  • Start creating and sticking to healthy work habits to improve your wellness
  • Recognise the side effects of sitting and screen time so you can avoid the nasty symptoms
  • Stimulate your brain to improve your concentration and mental health
  • Learn how to best use the ergonomic equipment you have or gather the best ergonomic furniture/accessories for your budget

Who are ‘Workstation Workout’ Programs For?

  • Desk/office workers
  • Students and Parents
  • Teachers
  • People who regularly spend an hour of more (in one hit) on a computer/ laptop/ hand-held device… possibly all of us??!!

Did you Know?

“Sitting is the new smoking”… Sitting too long can kill you, even if you exercise 30 minutes a day.

The ‘Workstation Workout’ program teaches you how to prevent this!!!

Research shows that just 2 minutes of movement, performed every half hour, is the BEST WAY to offset the serious side-effects of sitting

Try a FREE 2-minute ‘Workstation Workout’ today!