Worried about your Posture? Get a FREE DIY POSTURE CHECKUP!

We’ve been talking lots about our sitting posture- what’s good and bad- and some exercises to improve your sitting posture. It’s true that often your stiffness and soreness can be related to the type of posture you have, or that you tend to adopt when you’re tired.


But lots of people are asking me- What TYPE of posture do I actually have?


How do I know if I have GOOD or BAD posture?


When someone medically trained assesses your posture, we’d usually do it in standing, so I’ve done up a special posture check sheet that you can follow along for yourself at home… a FREE DIY POSTURE CHECKUP! CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!

Your DIY Checkup is a downloadable sheet that walks you through exactly how to take a couple of photos (just on your smartphone or any camera) of your posture and then assess from those… so you can determine if you have any problems and where they might lie! Sound good?




You’ll be looking from side on to see if you have increased or decreased curves in your spine, and also where your body weight tends to sit at the different marker areas on your body; your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and head.


I then explain a little about the most common posture types:

  • Sway Back, or increased lumbar lordosis
  • Flat back, or decreased lumbar lordosis
  • ‘hunched’ back, or increased thoracic kyphosis
  • forward head/ poke chin, or increased cervical lordosis


Now, the aim of this isn’t to pick you to pieces… we ALL have differences in our posture, some we were born with (i.e congenital) and some that we have developed over time.

There are also spectrums in any posture type that tend to be ‘normal’ and then slight, moderate and extreme variations of normal.


The point is, once you know a little about YOUR specific posture type, you can start to do a few things to OPTIMIZE it… so you make the BEST OF WHAT YOU’VE GOT!!!


If you want to take up my offer of a FREE DIY POSTURE CHECK just click HERE and grab yours today!


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